Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Revlon Artsy

I came across a beautiful collection of polishes recently in a Revlon display. The display was fall collection called by Boho Chic by Gucci Westman. Gucci Westman is a makeup artist. I had to Google her. I may be a nail blogger, but my knowledge of the cosmetic and fashion industry is lacking!

This display had 4 nail polishes 3 blingtastic glitters and one shimmer. I picked up all the blingtastic glitters of course. Glitters make me salivate. I have one of those to share with you today.

Artsy is a sapphire blue jelly jam packed with blue hex and blue bar glitters.

Color: This is the perfect blue. I love jewel-tones for fall, and this hits the spot. This is the perfect sapphire blue. The jelly base is rich in pigment, and the blue glitter is plentiful.

Formula: Oh Artsy, this is where you become a bit fartsy. There is so much glitter in here that is really messes with the base. The glitters stack on top of each other in application, and the jelly base just can't really level around the glitters. This can really be a hot mess application wise. I used 3 coats above. Sad face.

Price: I paid around the $5-$6 range for this at CVS. This Boho Chic collection is limited edition, however, this particular polish will become part of the permanent Revlon line.

Overall: I can't get enough of this blingy sapphire blue jelly glitter. I really love this as a polish, but the formula really kills it. Despite that, I can't chuck this one at all, it really is just too beautiful. I will most likely never wear this as a full mani, but I could see myself definitely sporting this as an accent nail. If you love jelly glitters like me, you may be willing to make this work for you. If you're not into glitters so much, I think you can pass.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Nail'd It a nail art competition show premieres tonight on Oxygen at 9pmEDT/8pmCDT. I'll be watching! Who else?


  1. Nice look - I still am not a fan of glitters however other than a rare time -- I so hate trying to remove them!

  2. This is gorgeous! I have been eyeing this collection in the grocery stores, but I might skip considering the formula issues.

  3. They are a pain to remove!

  4. It's definitely a beauty, of the all 3 of the glitters like this I think this is the best one as far as color. I did notice the red one a had a slightly better formula, but the blue is so much prettier. It all depends if you don't mind fussing with it.


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