Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Orly Frisky

I think the biggest buzz I've seen with nail polish this summer is with Maybelline Bleached Neons. Pastel brights are definitely in, but I know that Maybelline collection hasn't been easy to find. I haven't found a dupe to a color in that collection, but if you're into those pastel bright shades, I think I have one that maybe right up your alley from a 2011 Orly collection.

Frisky is a bright turquoise creme.

Collection: Orly Happy Go Lucky Summer 2011

Color: This is an outstanding color. This is hands down one of my favorite nail polish colors ever. Frisky even made it into my Top 20 of 2011 nail polishes. This color is so saturated and bright that you cannot help, but love it. Just look at it!

Formula: This is what makes the polish even more spectacular. The formula on this is perfection. This applies like buttah. I used 2 coats above, but I think some people could get away with one if they use a thicker coat.

Price: This is part of Orly's core line, and is priced at $8.00 at Ulta.

Overall: Frisky is amazing, and definitely on trend for summer 2014 even thought it was released in 2011. I think this a must have color in every nail polish collection. Just look at it again! This would make an awesome pedicure color too. Best part, you can go drive to your Ulta and pick it up today! Go now!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Thursday!


  1. This is a great blue! I just love how vibrant it looks on the nails here.

  2. I always pick this up whenever I go to Ulta but I always end up putting it back down...clearly I need to rethink that decision and buy this ASAP!

  3. Steph, thanks for showcasing an older polish like this that some of us may already have in our stashes. Not everyone can or wants to rush out to buy new polish from the latest collections (fun as that is!!). I enjoy your blog and honesty!!

  4. Oh this is gorgeous! I haven't ever picked up Frisky (which is surprising since I have SO many blue cremes) but gah, do I still need it if I have Maybelline Day Glow Teal? It looks so pretty here I want to get it anyway...

  5. Perfect blue! I could see so many uses for this!


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