Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Way-Cool Mani Wednesday: Creme Skittles

I've found my mani-style of the summer. I've been doing a bunch of creme skittle manis. I guess it's more like two creme accents? I don't know the proper terminology, but basically I've been wearing 3 different colors of cremes on my nails. I've been sticking to bright or pastel shades, and it's been perfect for summer. I love it allows me to get creative with color combinations, and I get to play with more polish!

Here is a recent one I did.

Polishes Used: Julie G Tahiti, Miami Beach, and Maybelline Dayglow Teal.

Such fun colors, and there are countless options when doing manis like this. If your someone who wants to play up their nails, but isn't a fan of doing nail art, I highly recommend trying this type of mani out!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Awesome and simple skittle! I love the colors you chose too.

  2. How about skittlette? Love those colors together. I don't do enough of these but I really like them.


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