Monday, July 21, 2014

Zoya Rebel

This is complaint #5832 of how hot is outside. I'd say this is the dead of summer here, but the dead of summer will last another at least 2 months. I feel stupid complaining because I know there are some of you who have to content with not only miserable heat, but freezing snowy winters. I'm sorry!

So how about a cooler color to help me think of cooler days? I have a icy looking Zoya to share with you today.

 Rebel is a sky blue with an intense metallic silver shimmer.

Color: Rebel was actually a spring color from the 2014 Awaken collection. I'm sure it's supposed to make think of sparkling blue ponds,streams, or lakes. Nope, in the feels like 103F weather this is making think of glaciers and something out of the movie Frozen. This is a beautiful shade of blue. I love soft this shade remains even with the intense shimmer.

Formula: This is a good formula. I used 3 coats above, it as little sheerer than I expect on the first coat, but it built up nicely.

Price: This is $9.00 on the Zoya website.

Overall: Rebel is a stunning shade! I don't quite get the name, Rebel is a bit harsh of a name for this type of color. The blue is rich and the shimmer is eye catching. I don't own anything like this in my collection.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Monday!


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