Friday, July 11, 2014

Royal Polish California Heat Collection

*The following products were sent to me in exchange for my honest review. 

I have for you a really pretty collection from Royal Polish today. This collection is called California Heat. You know how I mentioned the popularity of the those pastel bright shades this season? California Heat collection has some colors that definitely fit that bill!

Surfer Girl
Surfer Girl is bright mid-tone pink creme. (2 coats)

Melting Popsicle
Melting Popsicle is a bright peach creme.  (2 coats)

Take Me To The Ocean
Take Me To the Ocean is a bright sea foam green creme.

Ocean Air, Sand In My Hair over Surfer Girl
Ocean Air, Sand In My Hair is a mix of hot pink, blue, aqua, purple, and holographic glitter in a clear base. (2 coats)

Beach Bum
Beach Bum is a yellow-toned nude subtle linear holo. (2 coats)

Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze is a mix of blue, pink, and purple flakes in a clear base. (3 coats)

Colors: There are some excellent colors here. I love the saturation of the pastel bright shades. These colors are rich and in your face! The glitter, flake, and holo are nice contrast to the brights and make a cohesive and fun collection.

Formula: I'm going to break this down polish by polish because there were some noteworthy things about most.
Surfer Girl- Smooth and easy to use formula. This applied flawlessly in 2 coats. This color stains nails, so double up on base coat
Melting Popsicle- Exactly same formula as Surfer Girl except no staining.
Take Me To The Ocean- Superb formula. One coat wonder!!!! So impressed!
Ocean Air, Sand In My Hair- For the most part the glitters applied nicely, but I was unable to get the larger circle glitters out of the bottle. I feel this maybe due to it being a mini bottle. Bottles being purchased are full size, so results may vary.
Beach Bum- Smooth easy to use 2 coat formula.
Summer Breeze- Sheer, and will require 3-4 coats to achieve 80% opacity, but this is meant to have a sheerer final look or be applied over a base.

Price: I'm breaking this down again as these have varied prices. These are all sold in 13.2ml bottles and can be purchased on Royal Polish's site.
Surfer Girl, Melting Popsicle, and Take Me To The Ocean- $6.75
Ocean Air, Sand In My Hair and Summer Breeze- $9.75
Beach Bum- $11.00

Overall: This is a beautiful collection. I very much enjoyed the bright pastel cremes, Surfer Girl, Melting Popsicle, and Take Me To The Ocean. These are standout shades to me as far as color and formulation. I haven't found pastel cremes with formula as nice as these. The glitter, flake, and holo round out the collection with a little bling and fun.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Friday!


  1. Some pretty colors here! I like the looks of Beach Bum especially but fear it would not play nice with my skintone.

  2. These are pretty! I'm loving the cremes and glitter quite a bit :) I love how soft the shades are too.

  3. Melting Popsicle, Take Me to the Ocean, and Beach Bum are my favorites, they are really gorgeous!

  4. I think beach bum is my favorite! You don't see a lot of nude holo's so it's pretty darn unique!


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