Monday, June 10, 2013

Starlight and Sparkles Holographics & Shimmers

* I received the following polishes for my honest review by Starlight and Sparkles

I have some more polishes by Starlight and Sparkles to share with you today. These polishes are holographic and shimmer polishes. Starlight and Sparkles has a large selection of different holographic polishes, shimmers, and topcoats to choose from. There is certainly something for everyone. 

Cocoa Crystal
Cocoa Crystal is a warm deep brown linear holo.

Blaze Crystal
Blaze Crystal is a light orange linear holo.

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate is a warm deep brown shimmer.

Eponymous Princess
Eponymous Princess is a neutral pink with a multi-color shimmer. 

Color: I found the shades of the holographic colors to be very unique. These are not typical shades I reach for, but I know brown and orange holos are not the easiest to find. Cocoa Crystal and Blaze Crystal are definite new to me holo colors!The shimmers are nice colors too. Hot Chocolate is a rich and warm color and I love how Eponymous Princess is simple and clean color with a hint of bling.

Formula: I used about 2-3 coats for each of these swatches. The formula on the holos were great and easy to use. The formula on the shimmer polishes was a little on the thick side, but still manageable and not difficult to apply. 

Price: Eponymous Princess and Hot Chocolate are $3.00 for a 5ml bottle. A 15ml bottle of Eponymous Princess is $8.00 and a 15ml bottle of Hot Chocolate is $7.00. Cocoa Crystal and Blaze Crystal 5ml bottles are $4.75. 15ml bottles are $11.00. You can purchase these along with many other great selections on Starlight and Sparkles Etsy site

Overall: I liked the uniqueness and formulation of the holographic polishes. I also really liked Eponymous Princess with it being soft yet sparkly at the same time.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
* I received these polishes for my honest review by Starlight and Sparkles.

Happy Monday!  


  1. Cocoa Crystal looks amazing!

  2. Great colors! I really like Cocoa Crystal! :)

  3. These are gorgeous! I love Cocoa Crystal!

  4. Kelsey @ Polished PrescriptionJune 10, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    I've never heard of this brand, but these polishes look pretty cool! Cocoa Crystal really stands out to me, and reminds me of one of my favorite polishes - Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate

  5. Ohhh Cocoa Crystal and Blaze Crystal are amaaaazzzing!!!

  6. Cocoa Crystal is AWESOME! Going on my wish list in 3.....2.....1....

  7. These are pretty - I really like the first one!


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