Thursday, June 6, 2013

Starlight and Sparkles Duochrome & Holo Topcoats

* I received the following polishes for my honest review by Starlight and Sparkles.

I have some duochrome topcoats and holographic top coat to share with you today by Starlight and Sparkles. Starlight and Sparkles is an indie polish brand you can find on Etsy who specializes in awesome top coats and holographic polishes. I was very impressed with the selection I received to review, and I think you will enjoy these too.

Unicorn over Cult Nails Nevermore
 Unicorn is a color shifting top coat that shifts from green to blue.

Phoenix over Cult Nails Nevermore
Phoenix is a color shifting top coat that shifts from red-orange-gold-to a golden green.

Dragon over Cult Nails Nevermore
Dragon is a color shifting top coat that shifts from golden green-gold-to an orange.

Starlight over Cult Nails Nevermore
Starlight over Milani Pink Pop (Instagram photo)

Starlight is a holographic top coat. 

Color: These are all great top coats! I was very impressed with the quality of these. I was particularly very impressed with the Starlight holographic top coat. I've tried holographic top coats from other indies and found them to be cloudy, murky, or cast a gray cast on my base polish. This was not the case at all with Starlight holographic top coat. This was hands down the best holographic top coat I have ever tried. The holographic quality is crisp and intense. The duochrome color shifting top coat colors are great, and would look awesome over various colors. My favorite color shifting top coat is Dragon because I found it to have the strongest color shift. 

Formula: I was pleased with the formula on all of these. They had the right consistency that made them easy to apply evenly on the nail. 

Price: You can purchase the 5ml bottles of these for $4.50 and the 15ml bottles for $10.00. There is also an option to purchase the trio of Unicorn, Phoenix, and Dragon in the 5ml bottles for $12.00 and the same trio in the 15ml for $27.00. You can purchase these polishes on Starlight and Sparkles Etsy site

Overall: I really loved these polishes! I was very impressed with their quality, and I must say Starlight holographic top coat stole the show for me. 

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters

*I received these products for my honest review by Starlight and Sparkles. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Unicorn & Starlight are favorites!

  2. *Faints* I love holographic everything and Starlight is beautiful! I bought a holographic top coat on Ebay a while ago and it was horrible. I think I "need" Starlight!

  3. They all look amazing over the colors! :)

  4. Love Starlight over Milani Pink Pop - very summery!

  5. Starlight over Nevermore looks amazing


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