Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Talk it Out Tuesday: Blogger Confessions Pt. 2

I did Blogger Confessions Pt. 1 back in November. These are just some more things I can add to it.

1. I don't think I know how to file my nails properly. I use an emery board,  glass files scare me because of the sound they make against my nails. It gives me the shivers. Someone file my nails please?

2. I love looking at nail polish display pictures, probably even more than nail swatch pictures. I get giddy when I see Frazzle and Aniploish's display posts. I wish there was some magazine/catalog with pictures for nail polish displays from the past 10-15 years. -drool-

3. My posts from when I started blogging to a year into blogging scare me. My nails are nasty long and my polish jobs are horrendous, but I keep them up here anyways. I have learned that prefer my nails short though for sure!

4 . I'm officially no longer afraid of green nail polish.

5. I once got asked to review a mouse pad with a smiley face on it. Yes, because that makes sense with my blog?

6. I'm sure OPI hates me for my A Color to Diner For review, and Model's Own hates me for my Tropical Sun review. Actually, I doubt they've even read it, but if they did I'm sure I'd never be considered for their PR list.

7. If someone asks me what color I'm wearing and it's some really obscure, discontinued, or HTF color or brand, I just tell them a easy to find color similar to it instead of telling them what it really is. I'm sure this makes me sound awful, but it really avoids a long-ended awkward conversation. If the person is nail addict that's a different story, but the non-nail addicts it's not worth the energy. :P

8. I hate painting my toes, but I do it anyways. It's really like a chore for me, but I have to keep them looking pretty.

9. My nail polish icon is Joan Rivers. She jumped started my bright blue craze when I saw a bright blue polish she was wearing on Joan & Melissa show on WE TV. I also love her nails on Fashion Police she's always sporting some trendy and funky color at the age of 79!

10. Some of my favorite blog posts from others are nail art. I love looking at nail art, but unless someone else is going to do nail art on me I can't be bothered. Nail polish is my escape, doing nail art would require time, dedication, and patience I do not want to put into it.

11. I love my new camera (Nikon Coolpix 6100). It has totally changed my blog and photos for the better. It does have one tremendously annoying flaw. It changes all my oranges to corals, pinks, or reds. It does not capture the color orange. I always have to adjust my colors in the photo later on. It's annoying.

12. I still have never tried nail stamping. I have some plates, but I need the stamper....I will eventually try it. I'm just afraid I'll completely stink at it.

13. I worry about the sanity of people who are willing to spend $100 on one bottle of nail polish on ebay. I'm sure this will offend someone. Sorry, but livelihood > nail polish. Plus, with all the franken supplies out there now I'm sure you could make something similar or dupey on your own.

I think that's all for now.

Do we have any of these things in common? Do you have an blogger or nail polish addict confessions you want to share?


  1. LOL love this post Steph! Not sure if your Coolpix has a "Cuisine" setting on it. My Olympus 720SW does. That corrects colors for me. HTH I don't think your polishing jobs are hideous. I often cut my own nails shorter b/c the nail on my pointer finger looks like a talon. LOL I love nail polish. It's been a while since I've visited your blog. Things are looking gr8. xxx Sha

  2. this is an awesome post Steph! I also hate painting my toes! My first few months of pictures are awful and green polish used to terrify me and now I love it! 

  3. I really loved reading this post :)

  4. Fantastic post! Btw, you know you can use crystal files wet? That eliminates the sound :)

  5. LOL I cannot file my nails either. And I have about 7 million nail files...glass..emery...all of it..I suck.

  6. I couldn't agree more on some of these!  I for one HATE painting my toes!  And for whatever reason, I am really bad at it!

  7. Great post-- I feel like I'm your twin or something (not in a creepy way, just that we have a lot of these in commong)! I hear ya on 1, I think I file my nails wrong too but I got a glass file and I think it's way better. And I love that Joan Rivers is a mature woman and still wears crazy colors on her nails! I watch the Fashion Police every Friday and I look forward to seeing what she has on her nails-- I think it's great. Bold colors don't have to just be for the young.  And 12... that's me too. I want to try it, but am afraid I'm going to suck at it!

  8. Point 10. Absolutely.
    Point 7. I agree.
    Point 2. Ditto.

  9. Ha, ha!  We can all relate to at least one or two of these! :)  I don't stamp my nails either.  I too have stamping plates, but the difference between us is that I have tried, and I truly suck at it.  Everyone keeps telling me that practice makes perfect. But I haven't cared enough to practice.  Why bother when there are so many great stampers out there whose nails I can admire!  :)  I also like polish displays. They are so pretty with all of the new coordinating polishes all lined up there together to be admired.  Reminds me of a brand new box of Crayola crayons!! I have also been known to "fix" the displays when I'm browsing.  I hate it when they are all wonky and the colors are out of place.  I guess that is a little OCD. . . .Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Ohhh Steph.  I was SO EXCITED to be one of the first to review anything for a particular indie brand I'd discovered just when I started blogging, and I'm sure she hates me on account of my awesome swatches.  So there's 3 and 6 for me, right away. lol.  And speaking of 3?  I've gone back on lots of bloggers' very first posts and I tell you with absolute certainty that I had NO BUSINESS starting a blog with my photos and nails in the condition they were.  I feel like I broke the mold for bad starter pictures.  8-- so true.  I'm about to cough up the $ for a salon pedi because they do a much better job and, quite frankly, I'm tired of doing it myself.  10--  yes, all the way through.  I actually prefer the good old, boring one color manicure, especially on myself.  My favorite blogs are those with swatches only and maybe some simple art.  11-- I love my little Canon Powershot!  I used to use a fancy schmancy dslr, but the point and shoot is soooo much more forgiving, and soooo much easier to use.  I do have a confession that I'm trying to put into words.  Once I do maybe I'll put it up.  And then maybe my blogging days will be over. lol. 

  11. You know what's weird? I have a Nikon cam too and it has the same nasty little habit with Coral, Red and Hot Pinks. Mine is the S9100 and I cant ever seem to get a good pic of those tones unless I'm in sunlight and even then it still doesn't come out right. Must be a Nikon thing. 

  12. Thanks for the link--glad you enjoy the display pics!

    RE: 6, I'm thinking OPI might not send me anything ever again after I swatched the Ulta exclusives next to the NOPI Biebers they are pretty much dead on dupes for.  Oh well, I had to do it.  

  13. Oh what the hell I wrote a comment and it disappeared?!! Oh well.. here it goes again:
    Thanks for posting this!! And here are some of my confessions:
    1. I worry about the number of my followers... Even though I still stand firm by what you said about having a couple readers versus hundreds if 'numbers', I would still like to attract more readers. It makes me feel so insecure!! Do people just not know about my blog? Or is it that they don't care for my pictures or find me boring??!!

    2. I get sooo excited when a 'big fish' blogger (yes, that includes you!!) becomes my follower.. what?? They noticed ME??? Wohoo!!

    3. I refuse to do my own toenails!! My hubby told me a while ago that if he had a foot fetish we would have been divorced long time ago!! Haha! With all my mountain climbing, hiking and running half of my toenails are gone or are of unspeakable color... So i pay to get them done and tip very well.. those poor ladies who have to deal with my gnarly dogs haha :))

    4. I also love looking at nail art but won't do it myself. I absolutely suck at it!! And have no creative bone in my body!!

    That's all that comes to mind for now!!

  14. I am totally with you on #1! I'm always afraid they're hideously uneven to everyone else!

  15. I LOVE that you found those dupes!!!

  16. #2 and #10.  Oh yeah, that's me!

  17. Always love these posts! Completely agree with 2, it's like I'm going shopping too. I have photos of my early nail art attempts and they are down right scary. Some posts I don't really like but I'm not deleting any of them. 

    I'm really thankful that there are truly honest bloggers out there like you! :) As for 7, that's hilarious. I tried to explain Indie Brands to someone and I don't think they got it. I don't like painting toes although I have a peeve about people wearing open toed shoes with no nail polish on. Therefore, my toes are never naked. 

    As for 10, I'd be glad to do nail art for you! ;) I do nail art as a creative escape. It's one thing that can relax me when I've been in the books for too long. It calms me down and forces me to spend time on myself. I haven't tried any serious stamping yet but want too! The houndstooth pattern is very enticing. 

    For $100 nail polishes I'm at a loss. I always think HTF polishes will go for less. I don't get why anyone would be ok spending that...unless it was purely diamonds. If they make a diamond topcoat with decent sized diamond pieces I might consider saving up. ;)

  18. I wouldn't worry about that Karen. It is a well known fact that all their exclusives are reused polishes, including the latest 12 polish release that is the Pirates and Katy Perry collections. 

  19. I love your polish confession posts! I love my camera too, but while it's fine with pinks/coral/oranges it cannot take accurate photos of blue toned purples to save my life. They always look straight up blue! And they're a pain to edit so I usually just avoid swatching 'blurple' polishes entirely. >_>

    And I agree about people spending crazy money on ebay listings. This ish is crazy. I've seen some polish bids going for the nearly the same amount as my rent each month. It's nuts!

  20.  I saw those yesterday--there are some Texas and Muppets in there, too.  Guess they decided it wasn't profitable enough to actually make new colors for the exclusives like they used to not so very long ago.

  21. I loved this post. 

    9 Really agree that older ladies should rock any and all nail colors.  I mean, I don't ever want to stop either!

    12 I have recently thought I should try stamping, but I haven't so far. 

    13 I was amazed at the prices of a certain indie seller, and that may only get worse.

  22. Girl, I know exactly what you mean about trying to explain a polish to a non-fanatic. I tried to tell someone about a P&P polish and the minute I said Etsy it was a lost cause. Now I don't even bother.

  23. I'm with you on the toes. I change my toenail polish once a week, cause I get bored with the colors easily. But it's such a pain! 

  24. I love your confessions and really recognize some of them! About the stamping.. it takes practice but practice makes better!


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