Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neiman Marcus Beauty Blogger Event

This past Saturday, the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida met up for a great event at Neiman Marcus. I made a contact through Neiman Marcus last summer, and I reached out to them about our new local Beauty Blogger group. Neiman Marcus graciously offered to host us one morning and introduce us to all of their wonderful brands in their cosmetics department.

This was a wonderful opportunity and experience. It has only become clear to me recently the importance of bloggers in the beauty industry. I never realized just how much influence bloggers really have on consumers. I must say for Neiman Marcus to recognize the value of bloggers in the beauty world was very special.

The event was very informative. We all were separated into four groups, and we rotated around to four stations where 3-4 beauty specialists from each brand gave us the background about their brands and introduced us to some of their top products. I learned so much about each individual brand and their mission, passion, and love for making women feel beautiful and confident. This information really brought this all home for me. As beauty bloggers or people in the beauty industry we love beauty products because they make us feel good, they boost our confidence, and they allow us to be playful and creative. It was nice to see that people in the beauty industry and these brands share the same sentiment about beauty that bloggers do. It's not just sales for them, and it's not just page follows or Facebook likes for us. This is a passion for all of us alike and we like to share that message and purpose with either their customers or our readers!

I want to briefly go through the different brands that presented to us with some facts and products from each of them. I also will link each brand to their page on the Neiman Marcus site as well as links to the particular products.

**All photos were taken either by Phyrra or niftyBA. Thank you for letting me use your fabulous pictures! 


Tom Ford

Yes, I had to go back and purchase that bright blue polish. It's called Blue Majorelle

I wanted to announce that between now and June 10th Neiman Marcus is having their Camp Gorgeous event. You will receive a complimentary bag with a variety of beauty samples with any $85 beauty or fragrance purchase. 

I am so grateful to Neiman Marcus Orlando and all of their staff who helped to organize this event. A special thanks to all the beauty specialists that took the time to explain their lines and provided our group with samples. It was an amazing event and wonderful learning opportunity that we all gained so much from.

**Photo credits: Phyrra & niftyBa

Happy Wednesday!  


  1. So cool!

    I was wondering if you could swatch that blue YSL? It looks so pretty in the bottle, is it just as pretty IRL..

  2. Wow, that must have been so much fun!!

  3. I will be swatching this one for the blog. I'd look for it in the next week or two. :)

  4. It was a blast! 


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