Friday, June 15, 2012

New Jordana Specialty Glitter Shades

I think it's safe to say 2012 is the year that glitter nail polish has been fully recognized and appreciated. I'm thrilled about this, it's nice to walk into stores or shop online and see a plethora of glitter polishes. Earlier this year, Jordana released a bunch of specialty glitters to their line. I reviewed Copper Blaze here. They have just released their final 6 shades in this collection. I have those today to show you.

L-R: Red Flash, Galaxy, Purple Party, Confetti, Carnival, & Outer Space

Red Flash

Red Flash is a densely packed glitter consisting of red small hexagonal and large hexagonal glitters in a clear base.

This was 3 coats by itself. This has great coverage. You may have a few small bald spots, so if this bothers you go ahead and use a base. This is a great red, and I might add a hot polish.


Galaxy is a densely packed glitter consisting of silver-gray small hexagonal and large hexagonal glitters in a clear base.

This was 3 coats by itself. As far as finish goes this is just like Red Flash, but in a different color. I love these are dark silver gray glitters as opposed to the true silver glitters we're used to. It's a nice a change. You'll get good coverage with this, but it won't be perfect, so if that bothers you paint on a base beforehand.

Purple Party

Purple Party is a densely packed glitter consisting of mainly medium purple glitters with silver, blue, pink, and possibly gold glitters mixed in there.

This is a 2 coater tops. You are going to get 100% full coverage here. I love glitters like this! I love how they added multiple colors into the purple. It gives the polish depth and brings it to life.

Confetti over a yellow creme

Confetti is a fuchsia large hex glitters in a clear base.

This is 2 coats here. This is a definite layering polish. I love it over yellow or other contrasting colors. I like this color too. It's perhaps not the most original, but it's a good glitter polish.


Carnival is deep blue jelly with small blue glitters and large blue, green, and silver glitters mixed in.

Hello!!! Gorgeous! Do I really even need to comment on this one? It really speaks for itself. It's a gorgeous deep jelly, and with those glitters added in -swoon-. I absolutely love jelly glitters, they are my ultimate favorite and this doesn't disappoint.

Outer Space over dark purple creme

Outer Space is a mix of small light blue hex glitters with larger purple and gold hex glitters in a clear base.

This is 2 coats. This is better for layering too. I don't know, I'm not really feeling this one. It just seems a little wimpy against the previous glitters. The color combination isn't my favorite either. I would of preferred a darker blue glitter or a teal glitter. These are just personal things though. As far as formulation go, it's a good glitter. I'm just not a personal fan.

I really enjoyed these glitters. I love the variety of shades and colors. My favorites of the bunch are Red Flash, Purple Party, and Carnival. You know what I love about these polishes too? They're only $2.99 a piece on the Jordana website. I think these are the most affordable glitters out there at the moment. You can safely buy handful of these and not feel guilty. I've also been able to find the specialty glitter line at KMart. If you have a KMart near you it would be worth a look.

*These products were provided to me by Jordana for my honest review. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I love the yellow and pink together! So cute!

  2. Kat HookedOnPolishJune 15, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    I neeed Carnival in my life! It totally kills my Across the Universe lemming :D 

  3. Oooh Red Flash and Carnival are gorgeous!! The first 2 look like they have some holo in the bottle shots?? Maybe it's just the bottle's label though...

  4. Outer Space looks interesting, thanks for sharing!

  5. Carnival is so gorgeous! It might be my favorite out of all of these. Kind of reminds me of DL Across the Universe. 

  6. Love Carnival! It just glows.

  7. Can I just say how much I love Red Flash and Galaxy? The red looks like ruby slippers. As a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz, I think it is my duty to obtain a bottle!

  8. A Girl and Her PolishJune 18, 2012 at 4:24 AM

    I love Galaxy and Outer Space!! Stunning! :)

  9. I love all of the Jordanan glitter I think they are all awesome to be used in jelly sandwhich combos lol


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