Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Red Cremes Edition

I appreciate you all giving my Revlon Raven Red post some love! I always notice red polish posts and red polish in general can get the short end of the stick. It's nice to know there are so many red polish fans out there.

Today, I have for you my red cremes. It's funny I talk about how much I love red, and I only have a few red cremes. I seriously thought I have more. I do have a lot more red shimmers and glitters to make up for the lack of cremes.

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 Milani Techno Red, Zoya LC, Sally Hansen High Voltage, & Misa Bikini with a Maritni

 OPI Monsooner or Later, Zoya Maura, Pure Ice Siren, & Sinful Colors Gogo Girl

Zoya Sooki, Revlon Raven Red, Nina Ultra Pro Love Struck, Cult Nails Quench, & China Claze Velvet Bow

Happy Saturday!


  1. Yay for red cremes! I love your bottle spam Saturdays

  2. I love all of the bright reds! My favorite red to wear though is a dark red thats called revlon valentine!

  3. Oooh, I'd love to see Misa Bikini with a Martini! it looks so bright & pretty:]

  4. I love red polishes!  <3  I agree - they do get the "meh" end of the stick and they really shouldn't.  Red is bright and fun just like the other colors!  In fact I'm wearing red right now - Color Club's Santa's Cinnamon.  :D  So red and sparkly!  

  5. LimitedAddictionNailsNovember 5, 2011 at 10:43 PM

    I remember you wanted to post the red cremes so badly ;p I don't have that many reds myself. I do feel like when I see a red polish that I don't have I'm like; oh, it looks a lot like that one or that one.
    Reds are nice, but a pain to remove sometimes ;p

  6. great looking reds! I love the reds that pop!

  7. When I get back from my long surgery with it's long post stay in the area too far away for me to come home for close to a month unless I get lucky. I am giving myself a good 2 weeks when I get home to do nothing but work on updating my nail database. I want to pull out all my reds just because adding them up in my Access database by sorting all reds - I have more reds than anything - worthy of a picture - and like many of you all are doing - good to have photos for insurance of large stashes - though I wonder what my insurance agent would say??? I have a feeling he might tell me I have to get a special add on to my policy if I want my collection covered since more than 3/4 are discontinued and many very far beyond that VHTF - more like impossible - no longer out there.

  8. Mmmmm my favourite nail polish colour! Especially those that are fiery and super hot.

  9. I love my "Salsa" by China Glaze, hot hot and so bright!


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