Sunday, October 9, 2011

Share With You Sunday: 10/2/11-10/9/11

Wow, did that week go fast or was it just me? Next week, I'll be skipping "Share With You Sunday" because my parents are in town, so anything submitted next week will be on the October 23rd post.

Be sure to submit your links for this post!

Picture of the Day:
This is my kitty, Chara making her grumpy face.

Ali's Nail News shares with us her Fallen Leaves manicure.
Colores de Carol shows us her Mummy nails.
Girly Bits shows us one of her original polishes Stormy Skies for her collection.
Let Them Have Polish creates a cute and colorful manicure.
MaD Manis shares with us her Mexican Sugar Skulls manicure.
Nightly Nails shows us her beautiful manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness. 
Pixie Polish shares with us her Haunted House manicure.
ThatsSOfresh shows us her glittery cupcake manicure.
Through the Wormhole shares with us her "Beware the kraken" nails. 

Makeup Zombie shows us Fyrinnae's Halloween collection swatches.
Phyrra shares with us her Wood Nymph eye look. 

Glorious Treats shows us her Halloween cupcakes in a jar.
Musing of a Muse shares with us Lush's Halloween collection.
The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle shows us how to make Owl in Pumpkin cookies.

What You're Loving: 
Love, Varnish, chocolate and more shows us her Catrice stamped with Chanel manicure.
Lacquer Lover shares with us her birthday giveaway.
Gotham Polish shows us China Glaze Ghoulish Glow.
The Nail Network shares with us Julep Maggie.
The Lacquered Lady shares with us her Princess Aurora Halloween look.
Swatch and Learn shares with us some things she's learned while blogging.
A Polish Change shares with us her epic giveaway.
LadyLuck Beauty Blog compares Sinful Colors Ciao Bella and Orly Lunar Eclipse.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Thank you for the mention Steph.
    Chara is so cute even with grumpy face.

  2. Awww, Clara is so cute.

    My parents are visiting me next weekend, too!

  3. Thanks for the links!! Your kitty is gorgeous!

  4. Ooh, thank you for the link up Steph! <3

  5. That kitty is so cute! One of my cats is gray and she's always grumpy too. I love grumpy gray kitties <3

  6. Chara looks just like my cat, Chester.  That is hysterical.

  7. Thank you so much for including my link, Steph! :) Appreciate it.

    Hahaha, Chara's expression is priceless! Did she just wake up from a nap? She totally looks like she's saying, "What now?" And it's so cute!

  8. Thank for including me! ♥♥
    Your kitty is hilarious! Total Skunk eye! hehe

  9. What a pretty kitty!

  10. It seem that for some weird coincidence most of nail art/polish lovers are also cat lovers! Chara's grumpy face is hilarious ^ ^ I also shared a picture of my cat in my blog:

  11. Your kitty is such a cutie! I'm a first time cat owner!! Just felt like I had to mention that. ;)

  12. Thanks! I am too...I guess. I just got her 2 years ago, and she is my first cat. I grew up with dogs. I've seen pictures of your kitty, Polo on your blog. What a cute! Cats make great pets, except when they meow for food all night :P

  13. Yes, she did just wake up from a that explains the look.

  14. Grumpy gray kitties are the best!

  15. You're welcome!

  16. Thanks! I hope you have fun with your parents!

  17. You're welcome!

  18. You're kitty is adorable!


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