Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm alive...

I was planning on having a "Talk It Out Tuesday" post today, but I got bogged down finishing my midterm essay assignment that nearly killed me. I usually overestimate how long something will take me to get done school-wise. I was in no way prepared for how long this stuff took me. It was one of those rare moments when school work made me cry.  That hasn't really happened since I was younger. It was just that stressful, frustrating, and overwhelming. This coming from someone who actually enjoys school.

My parents also left town yesterday from a weekend visit. That is always depressing. At this moment I'm overstressed, absolutely burned out, and in craptastic mood. Plus, I have more school work to finish before the week is over. I don't mean to be  downer or grump, but blah... Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry for being MIA 3-4 days without a blog post from me is rare.

On a side note, I saw Target had their E.L.F holiday sets out. I picked up the nail polish one...

I don't think the colors are new, but how about that packaging? So cute. I love it.

The end.

Happy Wednesday! Tuesday! (see I'm losing it)


  1. LimitedAddictionNailsOctober 18, 2011 at 5:32 PM

    I do see 3 lovely colors in the BEAUTIFUL package!

    Good luck with all the schoolwork. Vent whenever you want to vent :)

  2. Girl, you gotta be able to vent! I hope you can relax now, though. *hugs* That packaging IS super pretty!

  3. wow that's an awesome deal! i have a few of those colors.. i feel you about school i just dont have time it sucks. i miss blogging more often lol

  4. Ugh, October seems to be the time school work really piles up, doesn't it? Well into the semester, but still far from the holiday break. Hopefully it'll let up a bit soon. In the mean time keep treating yourself to nice little things like those polishes to get through. :)

  5. I had that happen with school this weekend, so I feel you! Hope it gets better!:]

    & I'm such a sucker for packaging, I'll buy almost anything if it's wrapped pretty enough..

  6. just think of the pay off result! :) it'll keep you going! and if it means taking a few days off blogging..go ahead. i'll still be here :D . hahaha & those suckers got me too! i liked the packaging and i bought em..i swatched them all but my favorite one is metal madness! 

  7. Good luck with school! Hope it gets better for you! The packaging looks adorable.


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