Friday, October 28, 2011

CND The Look for Fall/Winter 2011

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I've been craving a gold flakie polish for the first time. I love iridescent flakies, but I really wanted a gold. I was over the moon when I found out CND was making one. I was even happier to find out they paired it with cool-toned colors. I love blues, purples, and greens mixed with gold. It is absolutely my favorite combo, and they do not do this in nail polish a lot.

CND The Look For Fall/Winter 2011

You get 24K Sparkle Effect, Midnight Sapphire, & Dark Amethyst

Midnight Sapphire

Midnight Sapphire is a deep blue creme.

Midnight Sapphire w/ 24K Sparkle Effect

Dark Amethyst


Dark Amethyst is a deep plum creme.

Dark Amethyst with 24k Sparkle Effect


24k Sparkle Effect are golden irregularly shaped flakies in a clear base.

What's awesome about these flakies is they're not all created equal. They come in different sizes and vary in opacity. I think there is also a hint of some type of micro shimmer in here. This is amazing! This is what I've been wanting. These flakies do not drown out the base color which I like. They're noticeable, but it looks like it's meant to be on the polish if that makes sense.

The individual colors Midnight Sapphire and Dark Amethyst have superb formula. I could almost get away with doing one coat of these. The formula is smooth and it dries very shiny. This was my first experience with CND polishes outside of the effects, and I'm very impressed.

I got this set on for $14.50. I think this is fair price. Unfortunately, you cannot buy these separately, but if you've wanted a gold flakie, I don't think this will deter you much!

Happy Friday!


  1. Very nice set!  Hope to find it at Cosmoprof :)

  2. I'm totally in love with the 24k Sparkle <3
    It's gorgeous over both plain colors, and I guess it'll be also wonderful on other shades ^^

  3. I love how the sapphire with the gold flakies looks like lapis lazuli. I toyed with buying this set but you've pushed me over the edge!

  4. What a nice set! I agree with you that $14.50 seems to be a fair price...I might just have to get this for myself :D

  5. Gorgeous combos!I just want to tell you.We gave you a Liebster award on our blog! :-)


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