Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Thoughts On 9/11

I'm going to be doing a separate post for "Share With You Sunday" late on. I wasn't sure if I wanted to address 9/11 or how I was even going to address it. I decided it didn't feel right to completely pass it by.

I wasn't sure what to post today in regards to 9/11.  I do not do tragedy well. In fact, I tend to shutdown from it all. It's not because I do not care, but because I care too much. I, of course, feel sympathy for all the people who lost family members on this day. I can not even imagine what that must feel like. I'm truly sorry for those of you who lost someone on 9/11.

I remember where I was that day. I a sophomore in high school. My immediate reaction to this was fear and disbelief. I remember thinking "What does this mean for America?" and "What does this mean for the future?". What I am most connected with in regards to 9/11 is the realization of the power of hatred and intolerance.

Throughout history, humanity has gone through countless instances where hate is in the forefront of our minds. Hate is what propels our actions, words, and thoughts. Hate has manifested itself in to violence and death numerous times, yet those painful lessons are never learned. We all are familiar with the saying "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it".  Unfortunately, we continue to repeat this over and over again. It is not just on September 11, it is every day. All over our world every single day acts of hate are going on. People are continually dying and suffering under the grips of hate and intolerance. When does this end? When will the lesson ever be learned? I do not know. I do not think it will be in our lifetime, but I have hope in humanity that one day things will be different.

I know this post sounds depressing. It is definitely not all doom and gloom. If we look back on 9/11 at all the people who risked their lives to save others. There were so many people on that day that banded together fearlessly to lend a hand, save life, share a hug, and etc. As a country we united together powerfully and passionately for each other in the midst of tragedy.

Let this be the memory we hold on to of 9/11. Let us mourn for those who are lost, but remember the strength we had in each other. This is the message and this is lesson we must learn, not to seek out revenge.  The connection we all have as human beings on this small world in this vast universe is something precious and it should be cherished. We have the capability of making this a peaceful world if we choose to. This is not a message we should only remember on 9/11, but every single day. This is a message we should share with others through our compassion and tolerance. We all fall victim to hate whether it be something big or some drama on the internet. I'm guilty of it. Hate is hate no matter the size. We should all be aware of our hateful actions and recognize when and how to change them. It is all baby steps, and if we all make those little changes we will begin to see a difference all around.

This is what I wanted to share with you all on 9/11, and this is my hope for our future.


  1. Thank you for this eloquent post, Steph. This wasn't depressing in the least, it was heartfelt and sincere and I wish... I wish that so many more people could. Would read your words. 

  2. Beautifully put <3

  3. Steph, I think this was lovely. <3

  4. Thank you for sharing Steph. I have felt uneasy all week building up to today. 1 yr or 10, it does not make any difference in the days out from when we were so seriously changed as a nation by this attack. I am glad my folks were not alive anymore to see this too. They lived with the haunting of WWII and tremendous losses. Myself, I am a lot older than you, and lived through friends of mine not coming back from Viet Nam. This is different in so many ways, but I still after 10 yrs, cannot put it into words what that difference is other than hatred for our brothers on earth and often greed is at the base of so many of the wrongs in this world. I surely don't have the answers. I do know I don't want to live through another Viet Nam or 9-11. It hurts inside.

  5. This is why I keep coming back, not just the NP. You are wise beyond your years Steph. I wish that more people my age (just a few years younger than beachgal) could open their eyes and their minds, shuck off the prejudices instilled in them as small children, and see things as clearly as you do.

  6. Beautiful words <3


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