Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pink Wednesday--China Glaze Ahoy!

It's time for Pink Wednesday again! I have to say my favorite China Glaze polish of all time is Strawberry Fields, and when I saw pictures of Ahoy! I knew this one was definitely going to be up my alley. They are not dupes, but they're definitely related, so I can see why I was drawn to it.

Ahoy! is a raspberry/magenta deep pink jelly with a subtle golden glass fleck.

This is a great color. What I love most about this color is it could easily be drab, but it's spiced up with the subtle glass fleck and the jelly finish. I also love this color because I don't think necessarily screams a particular season. I know for pedicures I'm always looking for a color that isn't too dark or isn't too bright, and this fits the bill.

Here is a pic of Strawberry Fields, just to add it in. At first before seeing swatches thought these would be similar but they're not.

They definitely have some similarities. Cousins perhaps?

Happy Pink Wednesday!


  1. Strawberry Fields is my fav-o-rite too. Good choice ;D

  2. I was surprised to see how similar they were...but I love them both. Oh, how I love them both. LOL

  3. Strawberry Fields is one of my favorites too! I do really love Ahoy though...wearing it on my toes currently!

  4. I really like Ahoy. I borrowed it from a woman at class for a pedicure. It's so pretty!!

  5. Strawberry Fields is my most favorite pink ever. :D

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm so glad to hear many of you love Strawberry Fields as much as me. :)


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