Thursday, March 3, 2011

China Glaze Pool Party

You may need to whip out the sunglasses for this one because it's bright! I'm so ready for spring/summer. I don't care for the hot weather, but I'm ready for some brighter colors. I really enjoyed China Glaze's Poolside summer collection last year, and this bright pink doesn't disappoint.

Pool Party
Pool Party is a hot neon pink creme.

This isn't bright pink, this is neon. This is blinding, but gorgeous. Honestly, neons are hard to capture, so this is about 10 times brighter in person. I must admit out of any type of nail polish, I am most shy about wearing neons. I think they make way more of a statement than a jam-packed glitter. I think I fear I may damage someones retinas :P. I think neons would make great candidates for black crackle polishes!

On a side note, I'm very excited about China Glaze 2011 summer collection "Island Escape". I've heard it will be released in April, I've seen promo picks from last fall, but haven't heard anything since. I hope we will get more info soon and start seeing swatches. I think it's going to be set of neon cremes and neon glitters/shimmers! I can't wait!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I don't have any neons yet, but I want the entire Poolside collection. I found the entire thing at a store about an hour from me but didn't have the cash to pick it up. Wept openly.

  2. I love this colour, I own it and Flip Flop Fantasy & Sun Worshipper. I also think this one is great to stamp on, because it's super bright but the konad really stands out over it!

  3. I love the Poolside collection!! Neons are my faaaaaaavorite! The polish I have on now is starting to chip, maybe I'll wear this next.
    I also can't wait for the Island Escape collection. I'm very impatient for it.

  4. I wasn't into polish in time for last year's pool side collection, so I'm really looking forward to summer's Island Escapes Collection...I hope it is packed with awesome neons like this one!

  5. HAWT! Summer collections are always so much fun. You cant do summer colors if you have shy fingers thats for sure lol

  6. GAH! Sunglasses are required. This is one hot color that I'm guessing you will be taking with you on your Cruise?

  7. Penny- I hope you get your hands on the collection soon.

    elizabeth- Oh thanks for the tip. I really should get into konading one of these days.

    Tierney- I love neons too! I don't realize how much I love them until I have them on.

    Varnish Vixen- I love summer collections. I cannot wait for the new China Glaze one.

    Let them- Thanks! I know I need to be less shy about them.

    Lacquer Ware- I'm not sure yet. I should start thinking about that, but it's too overwhelming!

  8. you should! i love konading now! If you don't follow/read Deniz @ emeraldsparkled you should, she has such great nails/konad designs

  9. Omg! This is flippin' awesome! I am obsessed with neons lately so I really hope more are on the way too!

    Btw...this color looks awesome on you!


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