Monday, March 7, 2011

BB Couture Man Bug

I officially declare it to be spring! It is definitely warm enough here. I know it's not the same way everywhere else, but who cares it's time for spring polish. I got this BB Couture color in winter, and now is the time to break it out!

Man Bug
Man Bug is a aquarmarine jelly base with iridescent microglitter that flashes gold/green/yellow.

Just like Zoya has their trademark golden shimmer, BB Couture has this trademark iridescent microglitter. I've found the same glitter in colors like Hermosa Surfer Girl, Sex on the Beach, & Horned Devil. I know this same glitter is in many other colors I just don't own them..yet! I love this color, it's perfect for spring.

You can buy BB Couture from OverallBeauty.

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE IT!! I want that polish.

    I wish it was warm here. It has been sunny but COLD. I'm ready for summer!

  2. oh, this is really a gorgeous shade, I love it :-)

  3. It's lovely weather here too :) But I haven't used my springy colors in a while and now I can't choose, lol.
    You picked a nice one, with the glitter in it it looks great!

  4. Awesome color! I love the shimmer in it, looks like it's floating in the polish. This is when I start to like Florida again! I'm in the Tampa Bay area :)!

  5. Gah! I want this so much.

    Looks awesome on you. :)


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