Saturday, March 5, 2011

Essence Caribbean Sea

You know what I hate about nail polish shopping? There are just so many choices it's impossible to pick out things you want if you not looking for something in particular. I went to Sally's today and there is a wall of polish, and if I could I'd buy it all. I can't buy it all, so most of the time I leave empty handed because making a decision is too hard! Anyone else experience this?

Anyways on to pretty polish. I got this Essence polish in a blog sale. It's a pedicure polish since it says "Show Your Feet" on the bottle, but I'm sure most of don't follow rules in the nail world. I do think this would make an excellent pedicure polish though. It can go either way!

Caribbean Sea
Caribbean Sea is a turquoise/aqua frosty shimmer.

This practically glows! I know the word "frost" isn't a very popular one in the nail polish world. Frosty finishes are said to be dated. I can agree to some degree. I think a frosty pink, mauve, or nude probably fit this "outdated" category. I think a frost finish with a vibrant color or an uncommon color actually can be very beautiful, like with Caribbean Sea. This is just my opinion, but a frost done right, for instance with many of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen colors is all good in my book!

Happy Saturday!


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