Monday, February 21, 2011

Savina Ocean Waves

I have to do a quick post today. I have massive amounts of work to do on a research paper, so it maybe like this for the rest of the week. Today, I have for you a great Savina polish I found. This is a brand I find at Nordstrom Rack that retails for $3.97 a bottle. You can also find them on 8ty8Beauty.

Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves is a medium aqua shimmer.

This is a great bright blue/green shimmer. I love aquas,turquoises, and teals, and this is no exception! I love the Savina brand. I think they are similar to China Glaze in the sense that they have a great selection of unique and funky colors. Also, I just realized that with Savina you get .65 fl oz of polish versus the standard .5, so this is nice plus!

Happy Monday!


  1. that's a nice color on you. Now get back to your homework! LMAO

  2. Very pretty! I hope you get all your work done - gotta have more time to play. :)

  3. I have never heard of them before. But this is a great sea color! I hope the end of the term comes quickly and it is done with lots of A's.

  4. Lacquer- Thanks..too much work!

    Megan- Thank you

    Miss Midnight- Thanks!

    Kimberly- You need some Savinas!

  5. That is a nice shade, but I don't think, that it would look good on my complexion :(, but that is really a nice sharing, also the price is not so high :)

  6. that colour is making me long for a vacation. so pretty!


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