Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Check it Out

Nail art isn't something for me. I enjoy looking at other people's creations or konad creations, but to be honest I'm pretty stinky at it and it requires a lot of patience I don't have. That's were these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips come in. They do the art for me I just have to stick them on my nails. I got these in the houndstooth "Check it Out" pattern.

Inside you got....

Directions, 16 nail polish strips, cuticle, stick, & file/buffer

These are not fool proof or easy breezy in my opinion, however, it's not like studying quantum physics either. I did not use base coat. Many of these were a slightly too big for my nail beds, so I just made do with it. The most difficult part of this was lining these properly up with your nail and trimming them down. I didn't get how you "file" the rest off. I don't know if my filing skills are to blame or the product. I ended up cutting these down to where I could actually file them and shape the properly. This was probably wrong.

End result after two coats of Poshe..
As you can see these are far from perfection on my nails. That is my own fault. I was the kid in school who couldn't cut straight or folded paper where the edges never met. They worked out fine though. I don't think they look too shabby. If I can somewhat do this ANYONE me!

That all being said I absolutely love these. Yes, they may of taken a bit of extra effort and a bit pricey ($8.50-$10.00), but for someone who steers clear of nail art brushes and konad plates this is well worth it to me. I enjoyed wearing these for 5 days, before I decided to take them off (they had tad of tipwear, but no chips, so they could of lasted longer). It was fun and different for me, so I will repurchase again.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I bought this same pattern about a week ago but have been hesitant to try them because I swear I always find a way to mess stuff like this up. I love how they look on your nails, so maybe I'll take the plunge :)

  2. The more I hear about these, the more I'm liking them! 5 days of wear?! That's awesome! I tried something similar to these and was not impressed by the wear. Maybe I'll have to try these out after all.

  3. My mom bought me these exact ones, but I haven't tried them yet since I prefer doing my own art. They look pretty nice from the reviews I've seen, though! Maybe I'll wear them to an upcoming concert or something special.

  4. i never tried these before but they look very nice on the nails :)


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