Saturday, February 12, 2011

Revlon Scented Ocean Breeze

Scented polish. This is probably one of those things I should stay away from. It always sounds so intriguing, but it's probably not the ideal product for someone who is sensitive to smells. This Revlon is a nice color, but blech I can do without the smell!

Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze is a shimmery/frosty teal with blue flash.

Like I said, nice color, but not so nice smell. This doesn't smell like "Ocean Breeze" to me. It actually reminds me of this body spray I used at sleep away summer camp when I was 13. I know that's not helpful. It smells kind of like a bubble bath. I like the smell of bubble bath, but this is just too strong. The fragrance is so concentrated that it is nauseating and headache producing. The actual scent isn't terrible it's the intensity of it that's the problem. "Ocean Breeze" should be light and crisp, not heavy. Some people could be alright with this, but I really don't recommend this if you're sensitive to strong smells. This nauseated me and brought on a bit of a headache. :(

Happy Saturday!


  1. I've had a really good experience with 2 of their other scented polishes, and while I love this color, something just kept telling me to stay away from the "ocean breeze" scent. It sucks the smell is bad, but your nails look beautiful :)

  2. Sorry it gave you a headache! Did the smell go away after a topcoat?

  3. The color is ok, but the smell would be a deal-breaker for me. Have you tried any of their other scented polishes?

  4. Great color! I never tried these because I was worried about the smell.

  5. I agree with you 100% of the idea of scented. It's much better in theory than in practice. I actually own this color, but couldn't bring myself to try it. I tried Bubble Gum and Blueberry and wanted to barf. lol

  6. I'm so excited to try scented np! :D A friend recently visited Hong Kong and she brought me back a couple of scented np but I haven't tried them yet. Hopefully they won't be too overwhelming, although since one of them is chocolate scented...

    On another note, this shade is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  7. colourcoated- I've tried some of the others, and some are tolerable, but not this one!

    Mrs. Lacquer- Yes! It still smells after topcoat!

    Megan- I've tried the Blueberry's nasty too. I have a cherry and a grape on they're tolerable.

    BeautyByBrittany- Yeah, Revlon has a Top Speed called "Ocean" that I think is the same color as this without the stink!

    applepark- Ugh, Blueberry was terrible too!

    Joan- That's cool! Yeah, I'm sure some scents are terrible. I have a feeling chocolate wouldn't be too bad.

  8. I feel the same way about the smell.  It smells like a Calgon spray I used in jr. high too!  I out a clear polish top coat over it and it covered the smell, yay!  I do love the color though.


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