Saturday, February 26, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Black Mesh

I must admit when the crackle craze started I was pretty apathetic about the whole thing. I was quickly won over by OPI Black Shatter, so I jumped on the crackle train! Here is a the black crackle from China Glaze.

Black Mesh over DS Glamour

Black Mesh over China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Black Mesh is a black creme crackle.

I think China Glaze Black Mesh and OPI Black Shatter are identical as far as how they look. I do think the China Glaze crackle is much easier to work with. I found the OPI in comparison to be thicker and had the tendency to drag against the nail versus giving a smooth coat. China Glaze definitely delivers better and for a far more reasonable price in my opinion!

Happy Saturday!

P.S. There is a special sale going on at Cult Nails today and tomorrow only. Please check out Maria's blog for details!


  1. i think i like the shatter better, only because i have seen different variations of shatter when you apply it, as opposed to the crackle, but regardless i love the finish of both. i need to get my hands on some crackle (or shatter)

  2. I love the crackle polishes. I guess you can call be a crack head. Lol!

  3. Thanks for the info on the Cult Nails sale! :)

  4. they both look amazing! I have the black mesh too! I can't wait to try it over the red like yours :)



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