Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 7/31/16-8/7/16

Weekly Wax Wrap Up is back! I think anyone who is into home fragrance knows we're heading into the most wonderful time of the year for wax. The fall and holiday season hardly ever disappoint when it comes to home fragrance. I've started to dabble into my fall wax stash, but I am looking to find more. I'm hoping my Walmart soon will have the new Better Homes and ScentSationals wax scents!

ScentSationals Rain
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: This is one of the most unusual scents I have come across. This smells exactly like hot asphalt after it rains. EXACTLY. I don't know how they bottled that smell into this, but they did! There isn't much else to add to that. It's not a pure rain smell, it's a hot cement rain smell. I liked it a lot. I will say, it's not a scent I want to smell all the time. It's kind of a scent I prefer whiffs of here and there, but this scores high anyways. 
Throw: 4/5
Where To Buy: ScentSationals

Ten Digit Creations Flannel Pajamas
Scent Description: your favorite soft comfy flannel pj's fresh from the dryer
My Thoughts: This is fresh laundry right out of the dryer scent. This scent is fresh, clean, and cozy. I have had this scent for awhile and was afraid to melt it because smelled so strong on cold sniff. I'm happy to say this disperses nicely in the air and I did not find it overpowering when melted. 
Throw: 3/5
Where To Buy: Ten Digit Creations

DD Woodland Walk
Scent Description: pine needles, cedarwood, & eucalyptus 
My Thoughts: I'm pretty iffy about woodsy scents because many of them go a bit sweet and powdery for me. This one doesn't do that which I appreciate! It's very bright, crisp, and fresh which I think is due to the eucalyptus in this scent. I'd say this scent makes me think of a wintery forest. It's more of a Christmas scent to me than fall, but I still love it. 
Throw: 4/5
Where To Buy: Hobby Lobby

Ten Digit Creations White Pumpkin & Lilac
Scent Description: hints of lilac petals and autumn lily flowers are followed by a blissful combination of pumpkin seeds, spicy coriander, fragrant cinnamon sugar and luscious cashmere vanilla
My Thoughts: I was so intrigued by this scent name I had to buy it. This is really a wonderful blend of notes. The pumpkin scent in this is delicate and soft and paired with an even softer floral note. I really think this is a wonderful pumpkin scent for people who like pumpkin don't want pumpkin screaming in your face like many pumpkin scents do. My only issue with it is I wish it had a stronger throw.
Throw: 2/5
Where To Buy: Ten Digit Creations 

Happy Sunday! 

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