Friday, August 19, 2016

KBShimmer Fall 2016 Collection (Partial)

*I received the following products in exchange for my honest review.

I have 10 of the 12 shades from the KBShimmer Fall 2016 collection to share with you. This collection has been released today, so you can stop on over the KBShimmer website to check them out and shop when you're done here! While supplies last, all fall collection orders will receive purple bat glitters that pair nicely with the polish Fright This Way.

Grin And Gerbera It
Grin and Gerbera It is a warm deep pink leaning color that has a kiss of red to it. (2 coats)

Poppy Kisses
Poppy Kisses is a bright, orange toned red, this linear holographic polish. (2 coats)

Turning Pointe
Turning Pointe is a new Mega Flame polish that is a soft peachy pink smooth holographic glitter. (2 coats)

Tiers of Joy
Tiers of Joys is a wedding cake inspired polish with a soft cake batter color base is filled with pops of gold holographic glitters and pink glitters, while nutmeg and micro holographic glitter adds a hint of spice. (2 coats)

Sage It Ain't So
Sage It Ain't So is a soft sage green with copper, lavender, and silver glitter with some holo dust. (2 coats)

Flake Me Home Tonight
 Flake Me Home Tonight is a minty metallic polish is loaded with silver flakes and holographic sparkle. (2 coats)

Little Boy Hue
Little Boy Hue is a soft “baby” blue  inspired by the 2016 Pantone color of the year Serenity. (2 coats)

The Best Mum Ever
The Best Mum Ever is a deepened lavender color polish loaded with a pinky red micro flakies. (2 coats)

Orchidding Me?
Orchidding Me? is inspired by the orchids of Christy’s mother, this polish has a warm purple base that leans fuchsia, amped up with some linear holographic pigment for a fantastic rainbow flame. (2 coats)

Fright This Way
Fright This Way is a deep black base and a scattering of holo dust and loads of purple glitter. (3 coats with Bat $#*! Crazy glitter accent)

Collection: KBShimmer Fall 2016

Colors: What struck me most about this collection is how original it is in comparison to other fall collections. This isn't a collection of jewel tones or vampy colors and I like that. There is a nice variety of muted, neutral, bold, and transitional shades in this collection. These are colors that really work for any occasion, but still are warm and cozy for fall. My favorites of the ones I have are Grin And Gerbera It (yes a fall pink!), Tiers of Joy, Flake Me Home Tonight, The Best Mum Ever, and Orchidding Me?

Formula: KBShimmer has always had nice formulas but these were especially so. I used 2 coats on all except I used 3 for Fright This Way. Honestly, if it weren't for photography reasons you can get away with one coat with Grin And Gerbera It and Little Boy Hue. I usually have to do 3 coats with crelly formulas and Tiers of Joy and Sage It Ain't So only needed two. Fright This Way was the only slightly tricky one to apply as it was a bit thicker and harder to control, but that's like comparing gold and silver medals. There wasn't a bad one in the bunch really.

Price: These are $9.25 each and can be found on KBShimmer's website.

Overall: I'm really impressed with this collection. I like these subdued colors and original take on a fall collection. There are a lot of winning colors here and per usual KBShimmer offers so much variety in finishes and shades. The formulas on these are probably the best I've had from KBShimmer and their formulas were great already. You'll definitely want to pick a few of these up!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Friday!

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