Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter

*I received the following product in exchange for my honest review.

I've had one of those rare "Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near" moments with nail polish. I love a lot of nail polish, but these days it takes a lot for my a nail polish to make my heart flutter. That's how I felt when I saw Girly Bits newest What Happens In Vegas... polishes. This is the 4th polish in this series as every year at Cosmoprof a new one is made. Thankfully, these are not entirely exclusive. You can purchase it yourself too until August 22nd then it's gone as it's a single pour release!

What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter
What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter is a is a mid-tone dusty denim blue holo, with a pink flash and a scattering of aqua holographic glitter.

Collection: What Happens in Vegas...2016

Color: This is the type of polish I love because I could have never thought something so amazing and beautiful could be bottled into a nail polish. This combination of the blue with that pink flash is stunning. There is so much dimension and depth in this one polish that you'll just get a kick out of looking at it in the bottle for a few minutes. Wow!

Formula: Excellent and smooth formula. I used 2 coats here.

Price: This is $12.73 on the Girly Bit's website, but remember it's only available until August 22nd!

Overall: This is a definite must have polish. Every polish lover needs this one in their collection. It's a stunning color that is complex and innovative. It's really rather mesmerizing. The formula was great and just go buy this one. You'll thank me!

My Rating: 5 out 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters

Happy Wednesday!

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