Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zoya Dot

I have one of the spring Zoyas to share with you today, Yes, it feels like summer, but it's still technically spring. This is color I was pleasantly surprised by. I never would of purchased it on my own, but it came in an Ipsy bag a little while ago. It surprised me in good ways, but I can't say it is a real winner for me.

Dot is a soft petal pink creme.

Color: This is a very go-to wearable soft pink. This is a one of those colors that will look good for any occasion. I like the softness of this pink. Pastel/pale pinks can give me lobster hands (make my fingers look super red). Dot, is a little more friendly on me than some other pale pinks. It's not perfect, but I comfortably wore this color for a few days, and didn't feel like people would look at my hands and think I'm ill.

Formula: Another surprise here. This formula isn't perfect, but I was expecting a sheer countless coats to make opaque pink here. That wasn't the case. This covered my nail nicely in 3 coats. My issue with this formula is it didn't want to level on my nail, which is apparent in my swatch photo.

Price: This is $9.00 on the Zoya website.

Overall: I do like this. I was surprised it was pink that looked nice on me, and I'm surprised it was a full coverage opaque color. I wore this as a mani, and I liked it. It's not a favorite, and it does have its drawbacks as far as formula. This a like that leans towards the side of OK for me, rather than a love.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Its a very wearable shade of pink but I don't think its a terribly unique color.

  2. I love this shade of pink! And I think it looks great on you!

  3. I have been wanting this polish for the longest time. It looks beautiful on you and I still want it despite the not so great formula. I just don't have another pink like it.

  4. The shade looks wonderful on you, too bad the formula didn't behave as well as it looks on you!


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