Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guest Post: MandysSecrets

Hey everyone! I'm Mandy from MandysSecrets, and my bff Steph was gracious enough to let me come in and take over for the day! You'll have to forgive me, I haven't exactly blogged in.. well.. a few months now, so I might be a bit rusty.

Have you ever had one of those polishes that you instantly fell in love with and just HAD to have only to be completely disappointed with it once you wear it? Yeah? Well then feel free to commiserate with me as you listen to my tale of woe. :(

Picture it: I'm walking down the nail aisle at Walmart, looking at all the polishes, and suddenly.. one stands out! Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet.. It's a beautiful, neon violet-red stunner that needed to come home with me right then. If you haven't seen it in person, think of a slightly more red Zoya Charisma. It's just different enough to where I felt that I needed both, and so with no questions, no second thoughts.. I took it to a good, loving home, and as soon as it got there it's true color started to show. (Pun intended.)
Please tell me how what is in that bottle turns into an (albeit still lovely but NOT what I was wanting) shade of burgundy when applied to my nails? You can even see how much of a difference my nails are from what's in the bottle! Other swatches of it that I've seen online may be a smidge darker, but nothing this drastic. Color deception aside, though, the formula was pretty good. Maybe a bit thin, but it's not terribly streaky and it doesn't drag like some neons do. Dry time was decent as well. My swatch is 3 thin-ish coats with 2 coats of Butter London's Lovely Jubbly for my accent nails, followed up with one coat of Seche Vite.

Side note: Lovely Jubbly is absolutely one of my favorite glitters ever. I love the colors, I love that it builds up to opacity, and I love that it doesn't eat top coat like no one's business. Butter London really does make some great polishes!

You know.. As I've been sitting here typing my post, I'm wondering if maybe adding some white undies would help brighten Plum Sorbet up? I *did* just buy the new OPI 1-coat white base coat from their neon collection.. I might have to give this one more shot, and I'll be sure to post my findings on Instagram! (@MMMandysSecrets if you care to find out what happens!)

Many thanks to Steph for letting me come over to play today! It was fun to take some time to photograph and edit nail pictures and type up a proper post again! Have you ever tried Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet? I'm curious to know if this is like.. a "thing" with this polish or if I just got a dud bottle? And do you think undies will help it? I'd love to hear your feedback! -- Mandy


  1. What a nice guest post! I love that color and paired with that fun glitter, its nice.

  2. Great combination! Lovely Jubbly looks amazing. Plum Sorbet still looks really pretty, but I would be saddened by the color difference too. :(

  3. This is so pretty! Love the color combination.

  4. Try over white....should brighten right up


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