Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guest Post: Manic Talons

Hi Everyone. I’m Michelle from Manic Talons and am thrilled to show you this quick nail art design while Steph is away. I mostly feature gel polish on my own blog, but there are a few Indie polish brands that I simply can’t get resist. Girly Bits is one of them. I adore the formula and colors!

This mani uses two of the new Girly Bits Nail Lacquers that were recently released last Thursday, June 19th. The purple is There’s No Such Thing as a Purple Problem and is what Pam is calling a “shimmolo” finish. In other words, it is a scattered holographic polish. The second polish in this design is Betty Davis Eyes. Betty Davis Eyes is light silver, finely textured polish with a scattered holographic shimmer plus hints of blue and pink. Both of these beauties are shown here as two coats and apply like a dream! Now, that’s really saying something coming from me. As I mentioned earlier, gel polish is my thing. The beauty of gel polish is that is doesn’t dry until you cure it, so you can really take your time and use as many brush strokes as needed to get it right. I’ve been completely spoiled by that and often struggle with traditional polishes. So when I say a polish applies beautifully, it pretty much applies itself!
 The middle nail in this design is something new to me as well. I used the chevron style vinyl nail stencils from Neverland Laquers (formerly Pop Culture Cosmetics). I am a tape mani failure. Seriously, I have tried to use tape multiple times and never had it turn out right. Striping tape, scotch tape, masking tape, painters tape – all fails. These are the first nail vinyls I’ve tried and they completely changed my opinion of tape manicures! They are so easy to use and I didn’t have any of the seepage issues I experienced with the various forms of tape. I started with There’s No Such Thing as A Purple Problem as the base with top coat, applied the vinyl nail stencils once the base was dry, then applied one generous coat of Betty Davis Eyes and removed the stencils.

 Finally, I decided it needed just a little something more, so I added a cute little bow to the ring finger. Here’s a better look.
If you’re interested in gel polish or nail art in general, I welcome you to poke around on Manic Talons to see more of my work.

 Finally, a HUGE thanks to Stephanie for inviting me to write this guest post! :)


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  1. Such a pretty mani, Michelle! :)

  2. Such a great mani! I love the colors, chevron and the bow!!


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