Sunday, January 19, 2014

SPCA Sunday: Meet Spook

*Disclaimer: The SPCA of Central Florida does not euthanize animals for space and time. Pets are put up for adoption and kept up for adoption no matter their age. As long as the animals have a non-aggressive temperament and do not have any serious illnesses they will be put up for adoption and remain up for adoption.

Welcome to my first official SPCA Sunday post. I introduced these posts the other week. In short, I will sharing a adoptable cat at the SPCA of Central Florida where I volunteer weekly. I will also share a bit about my duties and experiences as a volunteer that week.

This week I'd like to introduce you to this handsome fellow named Spook!


Spook Info:

Spook and I have become best buddies he came to the shelter. What I love about Spook is his personality. Can't you just tell by his pic that this guy has some spunk? He has the funniest raspy meow, and he makes himself known whenever you walk by him. He demands attention, and I gladly give him it! Spook is an oldster at 12, but let me know tell you, he does not show it at all. He's full of life, very playful, and enjoys being king of the cat room! He is up for adoption, and would make a great companion for someone. He's very easy going, and is good with other cats! 

If you're interested in Spook, you can find out more from the SPCA of Central Florida's website. Spook's adoption fee is $75. This includes a free health exam within in 2 weeks of adoption at the SPCA clinic or any other participating Orlando vet offices. This price also includes Spook's shots and microchip. 

Volunteer Experience: I went both Wednesday and Friday to volunteer this week. On Wednesdays, I do "kitty cuddling", which is where I help socialize animals and work with potential adopters.  The other volunteers and I have checklist we work through, to make sure all cats get attention. We pet them in their cages and use teaser toys to play with them. When a customer comes in we greet them and ask if they're looking to adopt. If they have specific interests or needs we direct them to cat that we feel best suits their needs.

On Fridays I do "kennel coaching", these are enrichment activities I provide for the cats to keep them happy and active in the shelter. Friday's enrichment activity was to make "tuna balls"! Tuna balls are basically crushed up cat food and canned tuna (juice and all) mixed together that I form into balls. I top the tuna balls off with catnip and put them in the freezer. Once, they're frozen I give them to kitties as a little treat! We have other enrichment things for them too like we make them teaser toys and kitty mobiles. I'm actually going to a meeting on Tuesday because we'll be introducing more enrichment activities! 

That's it for this SPCA Sunday! Please let me know if you have any questions. You can find the SPCA of Central Florida's website here

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Aww what a handsome fellow!

  2. He's so handsome! I love his eyes.

  3. I am so happy that you do these posts, as a fellow animal lover I can only wish that all animals find forever homes.

  4. look at those eyes!!! I hope he finds a home soon =)

  5. Spook is a cutie and I can totally tell he has spunk from the pictures too :)

  6. Spook looks just wonderful! I love your cat posts, but I'm kind of glad I don't live near Central Florida or I'd want to take them ALL home :). We have three cats, all adopted, and I know that someone is going to be very fortunate to take this sweetheart home.

  7. Aww, he's very handsome! I hope he finds a wonderful home soon.

  8. Oh he's so handsome... I can't wait until I have my own house that I can fill with adopted cats! I'll have to start volunteering at my local SPCA

  9. Ughh I want him.
    I want ALL the cats.
    It's so cool that you do this.

  10. Thank you! Same here.

  11. You should look into it! SPCAs are always looking for volunteers.

  12. Thanks! I wish I could take him home myself!


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