Friday, January 10, 2014

Loaded Lacquer Fluffy Macaroons

When I started seeing pics of Loaded Lacquer on Instagram, I knew it was an indie brand I'd have to try. Loaded Lacquer instantly looked liked like it had that "it factor". I tend to stick to a few indies I love, but when a new one pops up with that "it factor", my wallet is always ready! This is one I picked up during Loaded Lacquer's after Christmas sale.

Fluffy Macaroons over Picture Polish Honey Dew
Fluffy Macaroons is a mix of plum, periwinkle, yellow, marigold, cotton candy pink, purple and white hex and squares, and holographic sparkle in a clear base.

Color: This isn't your average pastel mix of glitters. This is loaded with various colors, different shaped glitters, and a holographic sparkle. I love the color combination here.

Formula: I used 2 coats over a base above. The formula was easy to use and applied easily to the nail.

Price: This is $10.00 on Loaded Lacquer's website.

Overall: Fluffy Macaroons is a fun, well thought out, and creative mix of glitters. This will definitely be a great glitter topper for spring, and will look great over a variety of colors. The formula was easy to work with. Loaded Lacquer did not disappoint, and definitely is an "it factor" indie for me. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Friday!


  1. Those glitters really compliment the base! Lovely!

  2. Such a pretty combination! Love all the sparkles :D

  3. This is very pretty! I also love the name of it.

  4. Very pretty! And I love the name. If I don't like the name, chances are I won't like the polish, lol. Of course, there are some exceptions :-P

  5. What a beautiful manicure!

  6. Marisa (Polish Obsession)January 11, 2014 at 5:32 PM

    Love, love, love this combo!! It's really pretty!


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