Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zoya Tiffany

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I've managed not to put up any Christmas lights yet. I will be putting them up tonight. I like having Christmas stuff up during Thanksgiving. I know I'm a bit Xmas obsessed. On another note, one of the winter collections released I've been pleased with is the Zoya Flame collection. I don't think I'll ever get tired of foily/glass fleck/glitters they're right up my alley!


Tiffany is a peachy  champagne foil with flecks of gold/peach glitter. (I'm terrible at describing this. It has so many elements!)

No complaints here. I love this foil-metallic finish in polishes these days. I've always loved this type of color, but when it's in a flat shimmer it's unappealing to me. The little foil-metallic particles really give this color "umph" and make it a star! This color reminds me a lot of my favorite MAC eyeshadow "Mythology".

I don't have plans to post tomorrow, so I hope all of you who celebrate have a nice Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm debating between this and Valerie for my Turkey Day mani. I'll probably go with this. Thanks for the post. Enjoy your Turkey Day!

  2. PS: I got my Zoya order in. I can't wait to try Elke (thanks to your FB pic)!!

  3. I WANT Zoya Tiffany! I don't own any Zoya's yet, but I would loooove this to be my first one! I think I'll order some of the Fire & Ice collection soon..

  4. this is a great color with lots of dimension! i can see how it's similar to mac's mythology

  5. Nice color on you! I think it suits you nicely! :D

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Pretty color! I love Zoya's shimmers, they're so crystal-like and multi-faceted, on top of their buttery formula. I added like 5 colors to my christmas list!

    Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Megan- I hope you enjoy Elke! It's my favorite Zoya. I love a great red w/ gold shimmer. I'm wearing Tiffany for T-day, but Valerie is gorgeous too!

    Sarah B- Thanks!

    Lois- You will LOVE Zoya. It's probably my favorite brand. They have amazing colors!

    Amanda- Thanks!

    MissMidnight- Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    attackedastoria- I hope you get the colors you want on your Xmas list.

    Lacquer- Thanks!


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