Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LA Colors Nectar

I was at Dollar General recently and found some LA Colors. I think this brand is alright. I think their colors are a bit generic. They are not the most original with the exception of Blue Paradise. It's a nice brand for $1 though. I don't complain much if it has a low price!


Nectar. Is a peachy-pink with a ton of golden shimmer.

 I normally LOVE these shades. Gold shimmer is one of my favorites. I like this shade, but it's not my favorite. This color seems to channel Miami 1985 to me. It's bit too Golden Girl's Blanche Devereaux. I don't know if it's the base color or the amount of shimmer. The color itself is beautiful, but something about it seems dated. It could be just me though?

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I love gold shimmer too. It can make an ok polish amazing. But I see what you mean about this being dated. Maybe I'd like it more in the summer, but I guess it's still pretty warm in Florida, right?

  2. i love this polish! try making it matte to give it a fresh new spin!

  3. Hey beautiful! I love this color on your skin! I tagged you with an award dear: http://foryournailsonly.blogspot.com/2010/11/i-offer-my-sugar-skull-to-dead.html


  4. HMMMPH! I'll have you know that I have this shade and it's one of my favorites. In fact, this shade is so amazing, you'll win blog awards for wearing it. Well, would you look at that! See!

    lol I do have this one, but it's one of my untrieds, like you I was all, "It's a dollar, why not?" *clunk in the basket*

  5. OMG, I just read Donna's comment and I would have done the same thing (clunk in the basket) if I saw this at my DT. I'm such a sucker for corals--especially if they have gold shimmer. Love it on you! :)


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