Monday, November 22, 2010

Franken Snow Kissed Lilac

This weekend I was on a mission to make a franken dupe of China Glaze No Way Jose (photo courtesy of lextard). This is a discontinued polish. You cannot find this anywhere. It's not on ebay it's not on etailers. It is gone. The problem is I *need* this polish.

I decided I would try to franken this. My franken attempt was a fail. I don't even recall the recipe at this point. I think I worked on this for 3 hours over the span of 2 days. The bottle overflowed about 5 times. I used probably 7 different polishes. I never came up with a dupe of this amazing color. That being said I'm kind of in love with my franken, but I still need that No Way Jose!

Snow Kissed Lilac

Snow-Kissed Lilac is a bright lilac pastel creme mixed in with white/clear glass fleck glitter (I used Orly Winter Wonderland for this). I want to to thank "popojijo" on MUA for helping me name this. 

I could go through how not like No Way Jose this is, but that will depress me. I am really pleased with this franken in general though. I love the brightness of the purple and that glitter effect. It's definitely not a color I have in my collection. Overall, I'm really happy with franken. Was I frustrated as heck and irritated I couldn't get this franken to look like No Way Jose? Yep! :P This was a nice surprise though. China Glaze do me a favor and re-release this polish. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. While it's no NWJ, it's still pretty! And that name is perfect for the color.

  2. No Way Jose is pretty, but I like yours better and the name is perfect.

  3. Why would they discontinue that color!? It is so beautiful!
    You know ICING has a color that could potentially make a good base for a franken. It's called Preppy Purple. There are pics on my blog if you'd like to see it. I can see why u need that color.

  4. Oh and this is beautiful also. I'm a sucker for soft purples like you're a sucker for golden shimmers lol. I forgot to say that in my last comment. :)

  5. ugh. no way jose is my white whale. I have found 3 bottles of holo mpj, and countless others including la boheme at dusties. but the one i'm desperate for, the one I neeeeeed, NWJ just doesn't exist. god help me if I ever do find it

  6. I'm not familiar with no way jose. I'll research it. Your frankening is beautiful. Where can we get Savina's in Orlando?

  7. just looked at lextard picture and boy do I want it now! :))

  8. Megan & Tamara- Thanks!

    Let them have Polish- I don't know why they discontinued it. :( I'll have a look at that color on your blog thanks for the recommendation.

    Scandalous- I haven't found all those others you mentioned! I'm so bad at HTF shopping. I hope No Way Jose can be found again!

    rmcandlelight- I get Savinas at Nordstrom Rack in the same area as Millenia Mall and IKEA.

  9. No Way Jose is one of my big lemmings too, so I totally feel your pain. But this franken is incredible, if you ever get tired of it send it my way ;-) haha It looks so great on you, thanks for sharing it! And the name is perfect

  10. from one of my favorite shades. i love this!

  11. no way jose was great.
    this is similar to NWJ but need a bit more of sparkle. hehe
    but it is lovely the way it is=)


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