Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 9/11/16-9/18/16

It's been another letdown wax week for me! I think that's what I get for having a few good weeks in a row. I only had one winning wax this week. Majority of my disappointment this week wasn't with scent but was with throw. I did have some wax orders come in this past week so hopefully, the new stuff will be up to par!
Ten Digit Creations Roasted Pine Cones
Scent Description: awesome aroma of pine cones roasted over an open flame
My Thoughts: This smells just like pine cones. It's blend of pine cones, pine needles, and some smokiness. It's an excellent outdoorsy scent that is very authentic and natural. It's not overpowering or heavy as some woodsy pine-like scents can get either which I appreciate. I wish there were more fall scents from other vendors and retail like this one. It's so hard to find authentic outdoorsy scents.
Throw: 3/5
Where To Buy: Ten Digit Creations

Bath & Body Works Spiced Pomegranate Cider
Scent Description: Ruby Red Pomegranate, Sweet Apple Cider, Muddled Blackberry, Star Anise
My Thoughts: This didn't work for me. On cold sniff, I could pick up a blend of tart pomegranate and spice. When burned, I really got this creamy vanilla fruity smell and hardly any noticeable spice. There isn't anything spiced or cider about this scent in my opinion which is very disappointing. 
Throw: 4.5/5
Where To Buy: Bath & Body Works

Yankee Candle Harvest 
Scent Description: A blend of cinnamon, cloves, and musk with a hint of sweet apples and pumpkin.
My Thoughts: This is the perfect quintessential fall scent. It's the perfect equal blend of all things fall spice, apple, and pumpkin. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent. It's my fall dream. However, the throw is absolute crap. I am so peeved, but I should have known better Yankee Candle tarts never really throw well yet I always try them again anyways.
Throw: 1.5/5
Where To Buy: Yankee Candle 

Ten Digit Creations Garden Mint
Scent Description: strong aroma of mint with a background of fresh earth
My Thoughts: This smells exactly like a fresh mint plant. It is so authenticly scented. I love this scent it's so crisp and refreshing and a great blend of herbal and earthy. However, again, the throw was not good. I really had to get close to it or breath in really hard to get a whiff of it. It surprised me because on cold it smells strong.
Throw: 2/5
Where To Buy: Ten Digit Creations

Happy Sunday!

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