Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 10/4/15-10/11-15

It's been an interesting melting week. I went through a lot of wax this week. All the wax I melted this week were new to me scents that I never tried. I'm not going to like every scent I get even if I like it on first sniff. Sometimes scents can be too overpowering when melted, some I just flat out realize I didn't like in the first place, and some I realize while I may like them in small doses my entire living room smelling like them isn't ideal. 

I had a few of those instances with some of the wax I melted this week. I also had some amazing all stars too! Let's get started!
Ten Digit Creations Cranberry Cinnamon Cider
Scent Description: tart cranberry and spicy cinnamon cider with notes of bergamot and lemon
My Thoughts: Amazing! This was one of my all stars this week. This s a perfect balance of cranberry, cinnamon, and cider. They all balance each other out to create a very warm, cozy, and festive scent. This scent is rich and deep without being the least bit overpowering. This would be a perfect holiday scent for sure.  

Ten Digit Creations Basil Sage and Mint
Scent Description: soothing blend of fresh basil, herbal sage, and cool mint
My Thoughts:  I loved this scent when I smelled it on cold (before melting). It has a really nice herbaceous mint scent that is clean and refreshing. This smells similar to those high end shampoos they use on you at a salon. When I melted this, I still liked it, but I got tired of it quickly. I like herbal/minty scents, but the herb notes in here are just little heavy for me for a home fragrance. I like this in small doses though, and I think it's better scent for me in bath & body products. 

Ten Digit Creations North Pole
Scent Description: snow on the ground, frosty chill in the air, and Santa's secret forest in the distance
My Thoughts: This is another one of those nondescript scents that I had to take a gamble on. I really love this scent. It really smells like a cold and blustery day with pine trees. There are a lot of airy wintery notes with this mixed with that holiday greenery scent. I love this combination. It's very invigorating and Christmas-y at the same time. My only complain is that it wasn't very strong when melted. I wish this had a stronger throw because it would definitely be a favorite then. 

Better Homes & Gardens Spicy Cinnamon Stick
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: I love those cinnamon pine cone craft store smells. This was what I got when I sniffed this on cold. It's straight up cinnamon stick. That being said, when melted this is just way too strong and spicy for me. I shouldn't of expected less really, but I realized this is one of those scents I like to get a whiff of every so often, but don't want to drown my house in it. I think I prefer when cinnamon is blended with other notes. This is why I loved it in Cranberry Cinnamon Cider.

Better Homes & Gardens Harvest Berry Pumpkin
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: I didn't even like this on cold sniff, but I bought it anyways in hopes that it might come together when melting. No, it didn't. This is nasty. This smells exactly like Flintstones vitamins. It's so disgustingly artificial smelling that I just can't even. There is nothing harvest, berry, or pumpkin about this at all. This is just nasty. 

Ten Digit Creations Butterscotch Pudding
Scent Description: swirls of sweet golden butter, thick cream, and pure white sugar crystals
My Thoughts: I bought this one for a reason. I've been obsessed with Bath & Body Work's Maple Sugar Kiss hand soap, which I've heard compares to the scent of butterscotch pudding. Naturally, loving that scent so much I wanted to try it in home fragrance. This melt is just way too strong and sugary for me. This literally gave me a stomachache while melting it. I had to toss it, it was just way too strong. It's not a bad smell at all, it's just to much for me. This is another one of those scent while I may like it in small doses, it doesn't work as home fragrance for me. It's just too much. I'll stick to it in hand soap! 

Ten Digit Creations Plumberry Spice
Scent Description: plump berries mixed with warm spices and a touch of spruce
My Thoughts: Love Plumberry Spice! Bath & Body Works Merry Mistletoe is my all time favorite scent in the entire universe. This isn't a dupe to it, but it's in the same vein. Merry Mistletoe has a sweet citrus note, whereas Plumberry Spice has a sweet berry note. They're cousins in my opinion. The sweet berry note is the strongest, but it's blended beautifully with the spice and spruce. It's a very bright, sweet, festive, and cozy scent all in one. I adore this one! 

Ten Digit Creations October Breeze
Scent Description: inhale deeply and experience the aromas of cool nights, falling leaves, and a hidden path in the woods lined with dark berries
My Thoughts: This is another nondescript scent. I wanted to like this so bad. I don't know what it is but this has a very sweet woodsy note to it. Whatever that scent note is it's familiar to me but I can't pinpoint it. It doesn't agree with my nose though at all unfortunately. I'm wondering if it's patchouli which I used to like, but no longer can stand. There are some other nice scent notes in this that are very fall-like, but that sweet woodsy note just overpowers it for me. 

It was a whirlwind week of wax. There were a few hits and sadly a lot of misses. Cranberry Cinnamon Cider, Plumberry Spice, and North Pole were winners for me this week. While I did not care for some of the other scents, none of them were bad or poor quality with the exception of the Better Homes and Gardens Harvest Berry Pumpkin. The others just I realized I prefer in smaller doses or just had some scent note that I didn't care for. You may like them! 

You can purchase Ten Digit Creations here. Better Homes & Gardens can be purchased at Walmart. 

Happy Sunday! 

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