Thursday, October 15, 2015

Third Week Throwbacks: Avon Nude & Infused

I think one of my biggest struggles with nail polish has been finding nude nail polish that works with my skin tone. That's followed up by finding a nude nail polish that isn't sheer or too chalky. There are so many nude polishes out there that are those super sheer nudes or neutrals or these very yellow toned nude cremes. I dislike both. The sheer ones don't build up the and the yellow toned nude cremes look horrific on my skin tone.

I have such a hard time finding nude shades that I think I only have 2 in my collection that work with my skin tone. When ever I'm feeling a little glittered out and just want a palette cleanser I always go-to this nude polish by Avon.

Nude & Infused
Nude & Infused is a pinky-nude with a soft purple-pink shimmer.

Collection: Avon Enchanted Spring 2012

Color: This is my perfect my nails but better shade. It has pink and flesh tones to it that make it very friendly for cooler skin tone people. I also love the shimmer! If I'm going to do a nude I want it to have a little bit of something special to it. This is a subtle shimmer, but just enough to give that teensy bit of uniqueness and fun.

Formula: This is 3 coat formula that is very smooth and easy to apply. I'd say this is in between a creme and jelly. It's not a jelly or a crelly, but it has the element of sheerness to it without being a sheer polish that keeps this looking soft. I sometimes fine nude cremes can be a bit stark against the skin, so I really like the finish of Nude & Infused.

Price: Sadly, I can't find this available anywhere anymore, which sucks because I think this would a great polish for people who still struggle to find their perfect nude.

Overall: This is hands down my favorite nude nail polish of all time. It gets a lot of use out of me. I wear this a few times every year and I don't tire of it. I love the soft look of this and how it compliments my skin tone.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Thursday!

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