Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Very First Indie: Girly Bits Shift Happens

I recently was asked to join (thank you Polished Pathology) a group of bloggers who do monthly InLinkz posts featuring indies. This month's prompt was our very first indie. Looking back through my indies made me realize how long the indie movement has been around. I always seem to refer to it as a newer concept, but it's been around at least since 2011! I had to go back into my blog archives to discover my first indie. I kept thinking it was Floam, but it was a Girly Bits polish I got in 2011. Shift Happens was my first indie and I remember exactly why I needed it.

Shift Happens (over KBShimmer Right as Reign)
Shift Happens is fiery color shifting shimmer topper in a red sheer base.

This polished arrived when people were desperately searching for Clarins 230 a very similar dupe (Clarins 230 comes in a purple sheer base). People were spending a ton of freaking money on eBAY for Clarins 230 then. Max Factor happened to release a dupe to the Clarins 230 polish to at this time too, but it was only available in the UK. Many people in the US were paying for people in the UK to get them a bottle.

Then, Shift Happens arrived and that solved all of our polish problems! This polish is absolutely stunning! It has this beautiful lit-from-within glow to it that adds so much dimension to a polish especially dark colors. This is like magical pixie dust in a bottle.

I have to admit, I don't think I've taken this polish out in years. I feel like a fool now because as soon as I put it on I was mesmerized with it's beauty. This is a definite must have for any nail polish lover. You cannot go wrong with this polish.

Thankfully, this polish is still available for purchase! You can purchase it from Girly Bits for $9.86.

What was your first indie nail polish?

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Happy Wednesday!

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