Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend Un-Lacquered Reviews: OGX Kukui Oil Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil

I think I have discovered an HG hair oil for me! Before, I get into my review let me tell you a little about my hair type.....

I have for the most part naturally straight hair. I don't have bone straight hair, but my hair doesn't have any defined waves or curls in it. I do have to flat iron my hair to smooth it out because I will get flyaways, fluffy/frizziness on the ends, or some of my ends will flip up or curve under.  All of this on top of living in incredibly humid Florida.

I'm not sure if frizzy is the proper term for people who have straighter hair? I know I hear frizz with wavy or curly hair? I think my hair gets frizzy in the ways I described above especially in summertime with this humidity. I have tried other types of oils to combat this argan, macadamia, and Moroccan oil. Some of these work OK, but they're not doing the job I really want them to. Then I came across OGX Kukui Oil.
Description: Indulge your tresses with this exotic blend of kukui nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian secret used to for its humidity resistant abilities, creating a shimmering gloss to smooth texture and repel humidity, making every day a "good hair" day.

Scent: This has kind of a warm vanilla type fragrance to me. It's not a bakery overly sweet vanilla, but rather a more exotic and sexy vanilla scent. I like the scent, but did not find it overpowering or long lasting in my hair. This is a good thing.

Application: Easy application. I adore these spray oils. They are lightweight and give you even coverage. . I apply a few sprays (approx. 3-4)  all over my head after I get out of the shower. I also do a light spritz (1-2 sprays) focusing just on the ends before I go to bed.I did not feel this made my hair greasy or weigh my hair down.

Results: This truly repels humidity and tames my hair better than any other hair oil I've tried. It also lasts all day in the Florida humidity. Weekdays, before dinner I shower after exercising. On weekdays, I typically just get straight into my PJs because I rarely have anywhere else to go for the night, so I'd rather not have to heat style my hair.

Previously, I'd have to blow dry my hair after showering these nights or my hair would turn into a fluffy frizzy mess using other oils.. When I use the OGX Kukui Oil after these early evening showers,  I can let my hair air dry without having any frizz at all. My hair dries smooth without frizzing or fluffing out. I can wake up the next morning with the same result. I still have to flat iron my hair to get it completely straight, but I do not have any frizzy flyaways or puff ball hair at all.
On weekends I shower in the morning and do follow up with blow drying, and have the same long lasting and anti-frizz results.

Price: This is around $8 in drugstores, Target, Walmart, and Ulta. I recommend purchasing from either CVS or Ulta who typically have monthly sales on OGX products.

Overall: Highly recommend this product especially if you live in a humid climate! I'm very pleased with my results with this product after 3 weeks of use.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Saturday!


  1. Great to hear this worked so well for you. I do like hair oils a lot too.

  2. I love this brand so much! I haven't tried this out yet but I just ran out of my Frizz-Ease so I might have to go pick this one up!


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