Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Link-Up Round-Up Tuesday: The Beginning

Since I'm posting less lately, I'd like to let you all have a space on my blog. I would like to feature blog posts from other bloggers out there on Tuesdays! I feel lately with the popularity of Instagram, blogs have taken a bit of a backseat. I'd like to put some of the spotlight back on the great bloggers out there.

How It Works:

  • You will fill out the form below. I have also added it in the tab "Link Up Roundup" under my blog header.
  • You can only submit a blog post, not your blog itself. The blog post can be recent or older. 
  • I will collect links on Sunday for the Tuesday post. If you submit late Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday your blog post won't be featured until the following week.
  • You can only submit one blog post per week. You're free to submit a post a week though!
  • Blog posts can be about nails, anything beauty, or blogging related. 
  • I will post a round up of a links to bloggers blog posts as well as their social media links on Tuesdays. 
  • I will start this next Tuesday, so share your links with me! 
  • This is going to be a test run. If I get very few submissions over the next month, I will discontinue this feature. 


  1. great idea :D
    to be honest, i was thinking of moving to instagram because blogging is really time consuming... but i'm not sure yet, after all, blogging is my first and (still) biggest love :D

  2. BeautyShoesNails &FunJune 10, 2015 at 1:43 PM

    This is a great idea!

  3. What a great idea! Can't wait to see lots of awesome bloggers!


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