Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Link-Up Round-Up Tuesday: 6/16/15

It's time for my first real edition of Link-Up Round-Up Tuesday! Every Tuesday I'll be sharing a round-up of posts from your blog! If you'd like to submit a blog post from your blog for this feature please either click here or fill out the form below.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing amount of submissions I received last week! I hope we keep up this momentum. So, please submit again if you have a new blog post you'd like to share for next week!
Betty's Beauty Bombs- Pink and Blue Skittle (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Alpsnailart- No Mess Water Marble Nail Art Applique and Creativer Water Marble Nails (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Light Your Nails!- Faby Keep on the Sunny Side and Gradient (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Nail Evny- All About Dotticures! (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Polish and Paws- Autumn Hues With Furless Cosmetics (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

The Lazy Lacquerista- Peacock Feather Nail Art (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

nail crazy- Matching Manicure Sunday Flowers (Follow on FB and Twitter)

Manicured and Marvelous- Puppy Prints Week 1 (Follow on FB and IG)

Piggyluv- A Guide to the Ultimate Smooth Gradient (video voice over) (Follow on FB and IG)

B'Nails- Getting Elegant With Floss Gloss (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Polish Those Nails- NAIL Linkup- Most Expensive (Follow on FB, IG and Twitter)

Tales of Coffee, Lacquer, and Beauty- FLAMINGO NAIL ART WITH MENTALITY NEON OPAQUES AND MATTES (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Painted Fingertips- Water Marble Wednesday: Mixed Patterns (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Seize the Sparkle- Pure Ice Get in Line over Speechless (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

PhD in Nail Polish- Glitter Daze "Goal Digger" (Follow on FB and Twitter)


The Mercurial Magpie- Best Work Appropriate Nail Polishes (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Beauty Shoes Nails & Fun- China Glaze Electric Nights Neon Collection (Follow on FBIG, and Twitter)

The Call of Beauty- Words and Flowers (Follow on FB and IG)

The Polish Playground- Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by a Song (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Claws Up!The Diamond Ring (Follow on FB, IG, and Twitter)

Submit your a post for next week!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thank you for this great idea Steph! And thanks for sharing, too :)

  2. This is such a fun idea!! Thank you :D

  3. Thanks for sharing my post!

  4. Thank you for sharing my link and doing such a great round up! I am now off to read through the list!


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