Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sephora X Capricious

I took another dangerous trip into Sephora last week, but this time I came out empty handed. It wasn't because I wanted to come out empty handed though. I just had to force myself to leave with the realization I cannot afford anything there right now. Fret not, I do have a Sephora X polish I couldn't hold back from purchasing my visit before this last time to show you today. This is another from the newer Ombre Glitters line.

Capricious is a mix of lavender and gold color shifting glitter tinted base.

Collection: The Ombre Glitters

Color: This unlike Mischievous, isn't very color shifting. I wouldn't really even call this a color shift. It does have a more golden look at certain angles, but it's pretty straight forward. That being said, this is still a beautiful polish. The intensity of the shine from this glitter and the purple and golden combination is stunning!

Formula: The formula on this was nice. This wasn't as pigmented at Mischievous and you can see some bare spots on my nail after 3 coats. This is so sparkly though that the sheerness is virtually undetectable in real life.

Price: I paid $12.50 for this at Sephora.

Overall: This is a beautiful glittery polish. The price point and the fact it's not as amazing as Mischievous takes it a step down for me though. I still love Capricious, but I expected just a teensy bit more from it!

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous glittery polish! I feel like Sephora Formula X polishes are *the* mainstream brand to watch right now, they are coming out with great inventive polishes!

  2. Such a gorgeous polish that is!

  3. gorgeous!!

  4. They are. I just wish they had mainstream prices. $11-$12.50 a bottle is a little steep in comparison to other mainstream brands. I feel that's why they really haven't hit it big since they've had this line out for almost 2 years now. Plus, being exclusive to Sephora doesn't help either. I wish the real mainstream brands would step it up.

  5. Glad you like it!

  6. I love this, I have this waiting in Mount Polish to be worn :-)

  7. Totally agree! I've been buying them at clearance prices or at Ross stores when I see them, because it is too expensive for me.

  8. I like the polish, but for that price I think I can get a better one ;) It's not bad, but it's not something that'd blow me away =)
    xoxo, Nyx

  9. I agree. I like that I have it, but compared to some others in the line it's not my favorite especially at that price.

  10. Glad you like it!


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