Monday, February 23, 2015

Sephora X Mischievous

Have you bought a nail polish because it's just the most interesting and unusual nail polish you've seen? It may not necessarily be the prettiest color, but the oddity of it draws you in? That's exactly what happened with this Sephora X polish I purchased recently.

I went into the store confident I wasn't going to buy anything. I eyed over quickly to the Sephora X nail polish display, and at first didn't see anything new. Then I foolishly looked a little harder and spotted something new. They have a newer line called The Ombre Glitters which are color-shifting metallic glitters. Ugh, I wanted to cry. They were the coolest polishes I had seen in awhile, and Mischievous caught my eye because it was the most intriguing of the bunch!

 Mischievous is a warm pink-toned red base with golden green color shifting glitter and shimmer.

Collection: Sephora X The Ombre Glitters

Color: I admit this color is not my favorite type of color. Red with a green/gold isn't doesn't speak to me like a blue, purple, or a green. However, this so unusual and striking I can't help but absolutely adore it. The contrast between the base and shimmer/glitter is amazing. The others in this collection do not have that stark of a contrast. I've never seen a nail polish color like this at all.

Formula: This was a very easy to use 3 coat formula. The formula is can be a bit sheer, but the that shimmer/glitter makes up for it. It's so shiny and shimmery you can't see your nail underneath at all.

Price: This is $12.50 at Sephora or on Sephora's website. This is a steep price for nail polish by my standards, but for one that looks like this, I can most definitely make an exception.

Overall: This is hands down of the of coolest nail polishes I've ever owned. It is most definitely unique, odd, unusual, and strange, all in the right ways!. I'd say you all need this one!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Monday!


  1. What an interesting color that is! So unique.

  2. I saw this the other day and I put it on my list. It's so cool!

  3. Very unique polish. So much going on in it! Wau!


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