Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Indigo Bananas Galactic Halo (Holo)

I have new to me indie polish to share with you today! Well, it's not really new to me. I've known of Indigo Bananas for quite some time, and have/had quite a few on my wishlist for awhile. This is the first polish I've owned from the brand, so as for me actually trying the brand it is new. I received this as part of my HPB Valentine Exchange gift from Katie over at Lustrous Lacquer! Many thanks!

Galactic Halo (Holo)

Galactic Halo (HOLO version) is a lavender to copper chrome flakie (a special type of thin multichrome flake) & linear holographic polish.

Collection: Chrome Flakies

Color: As you can see I copied and pasted Indigo Banana's color description. This is one that is so complex and multi-faceted I can't describe it. This color in general does lean purple, but as you can see it has the beautiful effect of the flakies and holos mixed in. This looks different from various angles and is amazing!

Formula: The formula on this was easy to use. I used 3 coats above.

Price: A mini 8ml bottle is $7.75 and a full size 15ml bottle is $12.00. You can purchase it here.

Overall: This is one of those polishes you put on, and your jaw drops. I thought we saw it all with nail polish before these multichrome flakies. I didn't think something so cool could exist in nail polish. Galactic Halo (Holo) is spectacular!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Lucky you! That one is on my wishlist, I love IB polishes.

  2. What a gorgeous color that is. Just wow!

  3. Ahhh It looks even better on you than it did in the bottle! This settles it, I have to get one for myself.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! You are rocking it!


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