Tuesday, September 16, 2014

KBShimmer Fall 2014 (5 of 10)

* I received the following products in exchange for my honest review. 

I have for you today some of the polishes from KBShimmer's fall collection. What I like about this collection is KBShimmer plays around with various fall trends from vampy to muted. She also adds some holo and glitter in some of the polishes for flair!

These polishes are available for purchase today on the KBShimmer website.

Hugs & Wishes
Hugs & Wishes is a muted light lavender creme. (2 coats)

Kiss & Spell over Hugs & Wishes
Kiss & Spell is a Halloween-themed glitter with a mix of yellow, black, orange, purple, and green glitters in varying shapes in a clear base. (2 coats)

A Raisin to Live
A Raisin to Live is a blackened ox blood jelly base with holographic glitters. (3 coats)

Leaf of Faith
Leaf of Faith is a cabaret red jelly with red, orange, and gold glitters. (3 coats)

Up & Cunning
Up & Cunning is a teal linear holographic.

Colors: I love the color variation in this collection. I only have 5 of the shades, so be sure to check out the others on KBShimmer's site. Fall is more than vampy shades, and KBShimmer offers vampy colors, jewel tones, and muted shades in this collection.

Formulas: The formulas on these were all good. I did find the creme and jelly glitters to be a bit on the thick side, but nothing difficult to deal with. I just prefer a thinner formula. I really loved the formulas on Up & Cunning and Kiss & Spell.

Price: All the shades I reviewed excluding Hugs & Wishes are $8.75. Hugs & Wishes is $7.50. These all can be purchased on the KBShimmer website.

Overall: I really enjoyed this selection of fall nail polishes. Like always, KBShimmer makes a little something for everyone in her collections. I did find a few of the formulas a little thicker than I prefer, but that didn't sour any of the polishes for me. My favorites of the bunch are Hugs & Wishes, Kiss & Spell, and Up & Cunning.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!


  1. They are all pretty, but if I had to choose only one Kiss & Spell gets my vote.

  2. I love Leaf of Faith!!

  3. Gorgeous colors as usual. They are all so pretty in their own way.

  4. These are so nice. I like the mix of finishes too.

  5. Great swatches, you always capture polishes so well Steph :).


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