Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Color Club Port-folio

Have you ever continuously called a nail polish by the wrong name? Let's say you just assumed it was called something because you didn't bother to fully read the name? Ever happen to you?

This happened to me with Color Club Port-folio. I guess I just saw the "Port" part and started calling it "Porto-fino". I don't know why that caught on for me. I live in Orlando, and Universal has a resort hotel Portofino, so I just stuck with that. I don't think I bothered even looking at the name until I purchased the color (months after the release) and then felt like an idiot. I'm sure I called this polish "Porto-fino" to a bunch of people who thought I was strange..especially since this came in the Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection...and Portofino a small Italian fashion village, has no relation to fashion. Oh well! I digress.

Port-folio (there I got it right!)
Port-folio is a blue-toned purple with an intense green/aqua duochrome shimmer.

Color: Awesome possum! This color is intense, pigmented, and the duochrome shimmer absolutely pops! I've heard comparisons to Zoya Adina (I don't own it), but based on swatches of seen Port-folio is so much richer in color.

Formula: The formula on this was very good. I was worried it would be sheer, but it wasn't at all. I used 3 coats for the swatch above.

Price: I paid $5.50 for this on Amazon.

Overall: Love this one, despite my name confusion! This is one of those stand out polishes for sure. I can't see anyone really going wrong with this one.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Its such a unique color! Really pretty :)

  2. LOL! When I scrolled by this while on my phone, I totally read "Porto-fino" also. So you're not alone!

  3. Pretty. This looks gothic like a faded old velvet dress you'd find in an attic trunk from years past. I love it.

  4. Good! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  5. Great description! Thank you!

  6. Glad you like it!


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