Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard Candy Jelly Bean Blue

I have another Hard Candy polish to show you today. This one is from the Candy Sprinkles line. I know this line of the new polishes has been among one of the favorites. I definitely can see why! These polishes definitely reflect what a lot of high end brand polishes are releasing at a very affordable price. Way to go Hard Candy!

Jelly Bean Blue

Jelly Bean Blue is a pastel blue jelly base with blue, black, and silver glitters.

How cute is this polish? This is a great color combination. Jelly Bean Blue is definitely and cool and fun polish. I love the way this applied too. I was surprised how easy this was to apply and it built up very nicely. Great polish!

I purchased this one from Walmart for $3.97.

Happy Monday!


  1. Great color! Need to try these out soon :)

  2. I really like that one!

    (Unfortunately) there is no Walmart where I live.

  3. I love this polish! I kind of went crazy and ended up buying practically the whole sprinkles collection.

  4. I keep looking at this one and the mint green one every time I go to Walmart...I guess that means I might as well get them. I really like this one. I have 2 of the new glitters from Crystal Confetti and one of the Crushed Chromes.

  5. Wow!! This is super pretty! It reminds me of an indie, but at a better price!

  6. It's so pretty. I need this one.


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