Monday, April 22, 2013

BadAss Polish Copper Waters & Chocolate Covered Cherry

* I received the following products for my honest review by BadAss Polish

I have some new polishes from BadAss Polish to share with you all today. I absolutely loved the first polishes I received from BadAss Polish. If you remember, the color Dusk  made it in my Top 20 of 2012 list last year. These next two colors are stunners also. I think you all will love them!

Copper Waters over Cult Nails Time Traveler
Copper Waters is a mix of blue, copper, and holographic/iridescent glitters in a clear base.

This is brilliant. I'm not 100% sure what the other glitters are in there besides the blue and copper, but I'd be willing to bet it is pixie dust. There is some extra special color-changing flashing amazing glitter added to this that makes this just magically beautiful! Must have. You need this. Yes, I've added this as a contender already to my Top 20 of 2013. I used 2 coats over a base.

Chocolate Covered Cherry over Sally Hansen Cinna-snap
Chocolate Covered Cherry is a mix of deep red, bronze, and pink holo glitters in a clear base.

This is another great color. Chocolate Covered Cherry is rich and luxurious  This definitely falls within the same idea as Dusk (linked above). I'd consider these to be cousins. Chocolate Covered Cherry also has a lot of depth and complexity to it. This isn't a flat boring glitter at all! I used 2 coats over a base.

Colors:  Copper Waters and Chocolate Covered Cherry are both original and beautiful colors. I do not have any polishes even close to these in my collection.

Formula: Top notch. These glide on so smoothly and effortlessly. These can be used on their own in 3-4 coats for full coverage, but I personally find they stand out better against a base. The glitters do try matte, so a top coat is a must!

Overall: Amazing. You all know I love a lot of polish, but I am so impressed by BadAss Polish. I love that  there is an indie creating micro-glitter polishes that are unique, high quality, and beautiful. I can tell a lot of thought and heart were put into these. I think why I love them so much, is because in a nail world of indie glitter bombs this something so refreshingly different. So, so, so , so genuinely impressed everyone. You all need to check out BadAss Polish!

You can purchase BadAss Polish from their website for $8.75 each. Copper Waters is not in stock currently, but should be available Wednesday. Be sure to follow BadAss Polish on Facebook for updates.

*I received these products for my honest review by BadAss Polish. 

Happy Monday!


  1. They both look like amazing colors! :D

  2. They're both really gorgeous!!

  3. Ohhh I love both of these colors and I'm not usually a red person. Gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous!!! copper waters to the wishlist!

  5. Copper Waters. Must be mine. NOW.

  6. Glad you like them!

  7. I know! I can't get over it!

  8. I like to see a darker red glitter out there, it's definitely a nice change!

  9. Yay! I hope you can get it soon!

  10. They're very sparkly!


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