Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest Post: Lacquered Latina's Neon Nail Art

Hey everyone! Today, I have guest post from Elizabeth from The Lacquered Latina. Thank you Elizabeth for volunteering to guest post for me!

Hello Lovely Ladies!

So I wanted some cool nail art with my bright neons. As I am sitting at my table staring and staring and I could not think of anything. I went on YouTube and watched a cool tutorial by cutepolish tried it and failed.

Finally I painted my nails white thinking I was just going to add triangles using Scotch Tape. A few days before I was putting nail polish on tape to add color to my phone... Then I thought it would be the perfect way to add stripes.

Make sure your base color has completely dried before you start!

I add 3 different colored stripes to the tape. When your are painting the stripes leave a tiny bit of room in between the polish so if you mess up while cutting you don't have to start again. I did this 10 times and let them dry almost completely.

Once they were dry I cut them in different sizes using tweezers I placed them on my nails, using the tweezers make sure you get the edges down completely. The way I made sure of this was by the tweezers on the edge and pressing down and giving it a few moments to make sure it stuck. Wait a few second and then clear coated the crap out of the suckers! I am more than very pleased with these and already have soooo many ideas and combinations! if you recreate this or have done it yourself I'd love to see it, on twitter or instagram use #lacqueredlatinastripes

Stay Sparkly My Friend!

Thanks Elizabeth!

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  1. Very cute! and a great idea to make sure you always have neat stripes


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