Friday, February 8, 2013

China Glaze Mosaic Madness

When I first saw swatches of China Glaze Glitz Bitz N' Pieces collection I pretended not to like them at all. My excuse.....they had bar glitter. The truth is I lied. I actually really liked this collection, but I didn't want to feel I needed it so I tried to convince myself otherwise. Have you all done this before? I couldn't hold out very long with that sham. I ended up purchasing the entire collection, and I'm glad I did. I didn't have time to swatch the entire collection for one post, so you'll be seeing this individually over the next few weeks.

This one is probably one of my favorites of the bunch. I decided to swatch this one a little differently for you. I wanted to show you how I would choose to wear this as a manicure. I most likely would not use this on all of my nails, but I think these would make a killer accent nail!

Mosaic Madness over a white creme (accent nail)
China Glaze First Mate (rest of nails)

Mosaic Madness is a mixture of royal blue glitter in varying sizes, black hex glitters in varying sizes, and larger black bar glitters in a clear base.

This is probably the coolest glitter topper I own. The combination of blue with black, the sizes of the glitter, and the bar glitter I find really create art on the nail without you doing the work. This really looks like splatter paint nails to me. The way I'm wearing it in this photo is how I'd choose to wear this. I love the contrast of the coordinating blue creme polish on the nails with that pop of awesomeness on the accent nail.

I adore this, and I am beyond impressed with China Glaze with this collection. I think this polish gives you artsy and creative nails in an effortless way. I used 2 coats of the glitter here, it was so easy to use. You need this one. I'm declaring it a must have, and it is the first polish I've put on my list as a possible contender for my Top 20 of 2013.

Happy Friday!


  1. This looks perfect with the dark blue. It's funny how you went from not wanting any to getting the entire collection. Are you an "all or nothing" type of girl? :)

  2. Haha yes I am, but the main reason I got all of these was it was cheaper to get the full set on ebay than get them individually. I ended up liking them all though! :P

  3. Kat Hooked On PolishFebruary 8, 2013 at 12:41 PM

    I have such problems with this collection, mainly that I can't decide which ones I want! I kind of like and want them all. I agree with you, this is a fabulous way of wearing them, it looks beautiful.

  4. This is such a pretty combo! I am not normally a fan of blue but I like this a lot!

  5. I like that you're showing us how you'd really wear it. Gorgeous mani! I love First Mate so much too.

  6. Super cute! Looks like an abstract Israeli flag :)

  7. I have been convincing myself that I didn't need any polish of that collection. Now you're killing all my arguments! :-D

  8. Your nail swatches are some of the best I've ever seen! Found you through follower. Would love it if you checked out my site too :-)


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